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  1. Frontier Nursing University Bridge Class 111

    Congrats everyone! Frontier Bound is amazing! Enjoy!
  2. Frontier Nursing University Bridge Class 111

    Yes, the roll call is for current students. We have to check in to each course within the first 2 days of each term.
  3. Frontier Nursing University Bridge Class 111

    Hi everyone! I'm a current Frontier student and thought I'd hop in and say hi. Don't stress--I remember when I was accepted that we didn't find out until exactly 6 weeks before Frontier Bound. Hang in there! It's worth the wait!
  4. Frontier Bound Question

    Yes, Frontier has a shuttle from the Lexington airport.
  5. Online CNM courses?

    I'm also a Frontier student and can't speak highly enough about it! As a pp stated, the history and tradition are unmatched. You truly feel like you are joining a family when you come to Frontier. I know that the campus visits seem daunting, but they...
  6. Any PhD in Nursing Applicants?

    Hi All! It's been a quiet thread lately, so I thought I'd bump us up to the top again! How is everyone doing? I'm still working on my MS in nursing (Nurse-Midwifery), but have definitely found my passion in research. I've been invited to be a rese...
  7. starting wage columbus ohio

    I work for Ohio Health, and I'm pretty sure that the starting hourly rate is $23.21 (that could be off by a few cents, but that's pretty close). Shift differential is $4.75 and weekend differential is also $4.75. Hope that helps!
  8. Any PhD in Nursing Applicants?

    Hi Everyone! I have been reading this thread with interest and thought I'd drop in and say hello. I'm currently an MSN student working to become a CNM/WHNP. I also work part-time as an L&D nurse. The last few months at work and school, I've ...
  9. Anyone enter CNM with little to no nursing experience?

    So far in my experience working in L&D, those restrictions are really only applied to women who are receiving interventions in their labor (or having an issue with fetal heart tones). A healthy woman who is in spontaneous labor without medication...
  10. Anyone enter CNM with little to no nursing experience?

    Now THAT is very true. I find myself in the minority a lot of the time and do have moments where I am appalled/shocked/stunned/saddened at some of the routines on a L&D unit. I try to extrapolate the good stuff and remember the bad for when I'm...
  11. Anyone enter CNM with little to no nursing experience?

    I agree with you and believe that everyone who becomes a CNM with some sort of life-experience (which we all have!) brings something valuable to the table. However, I do have to say that experience as an L&D nurse (or any type of nurse, for that ...
  12. Upcoming male CNM student seeking perspective

    I'm very excited for you! I can't directly speak to the demand for male CNM's, but I can put you in touch with someone who might offer perspective? Ohio State's Nurse-Midwifery program is chaired by a man, and he's doing great things with the progr...
  13. Are midwives using statistics?

    You will definitely need to refer back to statistics while in grad school. You'll take a research course and a theory course at the minimum, and I've used my stats in a few other graduate level courses as well. Basic statistics like p-values and t-...
  14. CNM Applicant - Lack of Direct Experience?

    Are you planning to apply to a graduate entry program (an MS in nursing with a specialization in midwifery for non-nurses with a BA or BS in a non-nursing field), or get your RN and then apply to a CNM program? From what I understand, prior birth ex...
  15. Vanderbilt question

    I don't have specific experience with Vanderbilt's program, but I do know that the ACNM (American College of Nurse-Midwives), which is the accrediting body for CNM programs is very strict regarding academic standards for their programs. So, Vanderbi...