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  1. Cigarette Smoke in the Home

    Hi, One thing that might help ( i use with pollen, allergy season) is a nasal rinse, like a neti pot/Neilmed sinus rinse. It flushes out your passages. good luck!
  2. How to become a clinical nurse researcher

    i had no research experience and just kept applying until I was offered a job. I agree that most jobs say that experience is required but don't let that keep you from applying. are you near a major cancer center? (memorial sloan kettering, MD anderso...
  3. School RN in high school

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I assume no potty accidents :)
  4. How to become a clinical nurse researcher

    i would say just apply and write a really good cover letter.... ya never know!
  5. Hi, A friend of mine heard about a job posting for a 'global health manager' for an insurance company. Has anybody heard of this type of position? It looks like it is a telehealth position. Thanks!
  6. Anyone work at MD Anderson Katy?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone works at MD Anderson Katy location. If so, any info on the outpatient surgery area? What is it like to work there? Thanks!
  7. Is school nursing stressful?

    Thank you for sharing! Seems like a different kind of stress... good food for thought :)
  8. Is school nursing stressful?

    I am thinking about school nursing and was wondering if you would consider it 'stressful' on a daily basis ( besides medical emergencies)? I have 12 years varied experience and the last two jobs have been very stressful ( doctors rushing to get pt to...
  9. I am thinking about school nursing but had a question about finding a job after school nursing. Do you have any problems changing specialties after? If I work as a school nurse for a while then decide to go back to beside, will I have a hard time get...
  10. TWU MSN education program

    Hi, I applied to the Texas Woman's University MSN education program Spring 2018. Has anyone else applied to any of their master's program? Anyone in the program now? If so, how is it going? thanks!
  11. UT Arlington MSN education program

    Hi, I am looking for information regarding the online MSN education program at UT Arlington. What is the difference between advance pathophysiology for nurse educators versus another school's advance pathophysiology? How much help do you receive w...
  12. Aspen University MSN

    any updates on Aspen University? Looking into the MSN education track....
  13. Online versus state school?

    Hello, I am looking into getting my MSN in education and my manager recommended Aspen University. My concern is getting a job afterward and having a hard time since my degree is online from Aspen. Is this a concern? Or is it worth it to pay more and ...
  14. RN pay for Houston hospitals

    Hi, So TMC has many hospitals including Memorial Hermann, Houston Methodist, CHI St. Luke's, MD Anderson, Texas Children's, VA, Ben Taub, and Women's hospital of texas. Most of those hospitals have satellite sites in the surrounding suburbs. Most hav...
  15. Anyone hear of intraFUSion?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of the company intraFUSION? Anyone work there? There is a clinical research coordinator position I was looking at but I have never heard of the company. Thanks!