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Just got a call for an interview for a PCT position in a CCU at a local hospital. In my experience in clinical I have not seen PCTs on critical care floors. I am interested, because this is the area of nursing I am interested in,... Read More

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    Just be carefull if you are setting up a new position for this type of employee. One of the problems I found in the ICU I worked was that the techs had tooooo many tech jobs they could do (blood draws, 12 lead STAT EKGs, setting up of lines--Aline, Swan, etc, stocking of rooms, etc.), therefore, if a patient call bell went off they were always too busy to answer and help with the routine patient care-----toileting, bedpans, feeding, bathing. Personally I don't feel that blood draws should be the responsibility of unit techs unelss they come from the lab only to do that job.
    Hey we aren't all like that. I worked as a tech on a very busy floor (med/surg, post-op, oncology, trauma overflow) with 15+ patients. I did it all - toileting, ambulating, feeding, bathing, foleys, blood draws, ECGs, changing linens, stocking, vital signs.... We never had a problem on our floor with the techs not getting all their work done on time.