ROLL CALL - Case Managers!!!

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    Time for a roll-call for the Case Managers on the board!!

    I'm here in Vegas, got my CCM in 1999, Medical & Disability Case manager for PPO network & Utilization Management company.
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    EXCELLENT idea Las Vegas!!!

    Linda, RN BSN, working on CCM exam this October. Started out in case management in Home Health, then did disease management for a managed medicaid co for a short time, now doing worker's comp CM, field-based. I am still figuring out if I like it. I really want to go independent in the future.

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    Can this thread be made a "Sticky" so it stays on top of this forum?
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    OK, I stuck it. But, I always thought making a thread sticky meant having to review posts before they make it to the bb. I will have to check w Brian on how to do this exactly. I may take a day or so until I get it right.

    Good idea Vegas, you're just full of them today!!
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    Alright I have been trying to get a job in several areas and case management is one area I cannot seem to break into. I worked BMT for 6.5 years, 11 years in home health and 3 in LTC. What is the secret to getting in?

    Also how hard is the certification test for case managers? I got my BS in Feb and am working in my graduate program now.

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    I'm an RN, CPUR, taking the CCM exam next year. I manage the case management (WC), disability management, and UR group that deal specifically with self-insured employers. May go to the field to work next year, who knows?? We are part of a managed care organization (MCO).
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    I am a work comp field case manager, RN, BSN; have done this off and on since 1992; after I pass my CCM (thinking positive here) in October, am going to start working on my boss to send me to life care planning school
    I love work comp, but am doing more catastrophic injury managment which I enjoy so much more than the usual repetitive motion and back injuries; am beginning to do work for attorneys some now, so I hope that may eventually lead to something.
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    New to case management this year. past experience 30 yrs of med-surg, ED, critical care, quality management, supervision.
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    Everyone please read the thread I posted early this morning on a case management job offer I got. I need to know if what was presented to me was the norm or not or if it is even a good offer.................

    vegas and hotlips and every other case manager please help. I am calling the manager today with my response if I want the job or not........


    other thread is titled: case management offer/vegas/hotlips.
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    I haven't been on the board for a while, but have enjoyed getting caught up.
    This is me:
    RN, BsN doing Hospital based Case management in Louisiana. Clinical background of adult ICU. I've recently taken the CPUR exam offered by McKesson and am waiting on results. I'll be taking the ANA Modular certification for case management in early 2003.
    Kory Pitre RN, BsN

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