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I am starting a thread for UFV, Sept 2013 applicants (thus the title) I am a Jan 2013 reject and hoping for a spot in the fall. Is anyone here a repeat applicant?... Read More

  1. by   riri.g
    Half an hour and Yeah I did. Why was yours soo long?! How many questions did she ask you? Holy now I'm not happy. She probably cut more short whatever. I'm not happy.
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Please be careful and not discuss actual questions that are asked as this may be unfair to others who then have a chance to prepare plus I am sure the university doesn't want questions posted everywhere
  3. by   riri.g
    Don't worry I'm not asking for the questions. I am curious on how many questions were asked. Half an hour interview vs an hour+ doesn't quite balanced out. Doesn't seem like a good sign. I'm so depressed now Lol
  4. by   Paraston
    Don't let the difference in length make you think you didn't do good riri.g. Honestly, I think I was the last interview of the day. She wasn't in a rush at all to wrap it up, and there was nobody sitting in the waiting area when I came out. So I think it was just the time of my interview that allowed it to be so long. There was a lot of just talking about certain situations that we both experienced, so not the entire hour and 45 were spent on question after question, and I asked quite a few questions as well. But I'm sure we all got the same standard questions.

    Like I said, don't let the length make you question your chances. Heck...maybe I talked too much and they won't like that? You really never know! You have nothing else against you since in your rejection letter last intake it only mentioned interview (and considering it was a smaller intake, I'd say you have a better chance this time of that not being as big of a factor). Do you feel confident in your answers that you gave? Or how about the general feel of the interview?
  5. by   das729
    I'm freaking out. I am trying to transfer into the fast tracking program for third year I guess and I'm scared I won't get in on time. They are still assessing to see if it transfers and its taking them forever. This is the program I want to get into and if I don't I will be heartbroken. Freaking out. I hope the fast tracking program doesn't start in May.
  6. by   riri.g
    I didn't see anyone waiting out either... I'll try not to let it get to me. I do think I did a lot better than last in take but this intake, I felt like there was no connection between the interviewer and I. And when I answered she didn't seem so interested or Maybe she felt bothered because I kept selling myself which is what your supposed to do. I know that I didn't feel as depressed as last intake. I wish my interviewer and I were able to create a conversation .. I hope she liked me. She did say that by referees were really good. Lol Ahhh can't do anything now. When she was asking If I had any questions at the end, I just blobbed. Lol
  7. by   rkd101
    hey @riri.g, even though i hvnt had my interview as its coming this friday, im positive you did well this time! Like @Paraston said about this intake being a better chance because the number of applicants being allowed into the program is much bigger and plus all you had to was re-do your interview so im positive that you are gnna get in! the lady was prolly looking at your file and was prolly asking herself why you havnt been accepted yet she prolly already gave u a good mark! who knows, maybe she had to quickly go home or she was hungry or tired! but im confident that if you have made it this far and though i havnt met you, u sound like a smrt person be confident and stay hopeful
  8. by   bwarkentin
    Hey guys, I have also applied for the September intake of LPN access to BSN. I have yet to receive any letter for an interview or an essay but I was contacted by UFV this morning that my application process is taking longer, as my A&P and IV credits are still being reviewed for transfer from Saskatchewan. I was getting upset and disappointed from reading that a lot of you already had your interviews and essays done, and I have received NOTHING! I am somewhat relieved to hear that I am still in the long run but this waiting is affecting me physically and psychologically...

    I wish the best to all of you who had the interview and essays done and I hope to hear some good news UFV shortly!
  9. by   abby12
    I felt the same way. My interviewer just asked me the questions there was no conversation. All she said was "yes" "okay" "good". My interview was half an hour long too ! I'm really nervous.
  10. by   riri.g
    Exactly. I bet we got the same lady Abby. Thank you everyone for trying to bring my spirits up. I will try not to think so much about it. I think I presented myself fairly well. What's done is done. All I can do is wait. Let us all prey for the best.
  11. by   Paraston
    Good attitude to have!! The instructors are smart people...they understand there's a level of nervousness that we all display differently in our interviews. So provided they don't detect some serious dysfunctional personality issues (which it REALLY doesn't sound like either one of you have), I'd say you both have really good chances getting in this time. And come September when we ALL get in, we can have fun trying to figure out who each of us are! How's that for positive thinking?!
  12. by   riri.g
    Hahaha! That will be funny trying to guess who is who. Alright I will play the waiting game. Bring it on.
  13. by   das729
    Does anyone know how the fast tracking program works?