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UFV Sept 2013


I am starting a thread for UFV, Sept 2013 applicants (thus the title)

I am a Jan 2013 reject and hoping for a spot in the fall. Is anyone here a repeat applicant?

Hello! i've been reading sooo many of these forums the past year and I can finally comment on one now since I'm finally applying!

I just graduated 6 months ago, 3A's 1B in the prereq's and just did math104 (A-) , eng105(C+ :no: maybe doing it again) and psych101 (waiting on final mark). Im a bit worried about my grades right now because of that C+ but for volunteers hours I have 100hrs at a seniors home and 300+ at an organization that assists children with physical and mental disabilities. A little sad that i missed the application process for Jan 2013 and now have to compete with high school students graduating this year :/

So Im looking for any insight since some of you guys have been through this!

Have you been applying to any other school schools? Im thinking about Kwantlen but they only accept 16 post-secondary student :S


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I'm trying again... I don't have time to upgrade my marks so lets see if 2A's and 2B's will still be okay. When I got my rejection letter, it only said I had to work on the interview... .... I'm feeling really uneasy right now.

This is also my second time. I applied right out of high school for the Jan 2013 with 3A's and 1B. I am hoping to get in for Sept 2013. When I got my rejection letter it also said i needed to work on the interview. I called in the health sciences department and the lady said we will most likely get another interview since that's all we had to work on. I am really nervous, hopefully this time goes well !

Abby12, are you doing anatomy and physiology?

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baileybee, no i did not take anatomy and physiology. Do you know when we will expect a letter from ufv?

Hmmm...May? I could be wrong. I am taking a&p with the Jan class, right now. You should take Eng 105 this summer, to lighten your courseload for the Fall.

I was reading other posts and i think we will be writing our essay in march and interviews in April while the decision could be in may. I have already finished English 105 and psychology 101. I will be doing stats 104 this summer.

I too, will be doing stats this summer! I did Sociology in the fall, how did you find Psych?

I tried getting into stats for this semester but there were only 2 classes and I was not able to get a seat. So, hopefully I will be able to take it in the summer. Psych was really interesting I enjoyed it a lot.

Hey guys! I'm back again (for the few of us that were in the Jan 2013 thread). I also was a reject :(...but, after my day of sulking, I got right back into it. I applied for January with 1 A and 3 Bs and about 60ish volunteer hours at a nursing home. I'm now applying with 2 As, 2Bs, an additional 60ish hours from the hospital and completed math104, engl105, and anth101 (with B+, A+, and B-). I never made it as far as the interview last time, and when I got my rejection letter, it said to improve grades and volunteer hours. So this is what I was able to achieve in that short time. WAS NOT EASY!! Hoping it will be enough to at least get me an interview this time.

I contemplated joining the thread again, because...as horribly selfish as this sounds...it's hard to see others getting interviews/acceptances, and you not given a chance despite how hard you've worked (so warning to everyone whose first time through this is! Not to say you won't get it, just be prepared). But a lot of great things have happened in the past few months, and I'm feeling even more ready this time (and very happy for those who did make it in January...I'm really not selfish, I swear!) I realized it's much easier to go through this process and get advice from others who are going through the same things!

Good luck to everyone (especially to second-timers! I know how you're feeling!).


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Hello all,

I've applied for the Sept 13 intake. I really appreciate all the info that people have shared. It's hard not having anything to do but wait for information sessions and interviews.


does anyone know when we get the letter for info night?


Last intake we got it the week before the info session. So if the info session is the same as last years (which I think was the first week of march) we should be getting our letters around last week of February. Just guessing of course!

Hello! I'm applying for the first time and just hoping for the best ! I have 3A's and 1B in the prerequisite classes and I have 80+ hours of volunteering at a long term care center I'm have already completed my first semester of post secondary but my marks were not that good Im just wondering how are my chances of getting in?

Wow I didn't realize that must of u have such high grades and were still rejected this makes have no hope. Lol. I have applied to the school as a bridge in (LPN to Rn) and I'm also still waiting.

Hi, I just applied to UFV for the summer but I'm hoping to transfer as I have done 2.5 years of nursing and did not have a good experience from my teachers from my old school. I am hoping to get into the fast tracking program so I hope it transfers and someone failed out.