BCIT September 2017 Intake

  1. Hey everyone. I've seen some threads from previous intakes, but none for this upcoming one, so I thought I'd make my own.. and hopefully receive some responses.

    Just wondering how many of you have applied already? And with what GPA, prior education (# of credits, past degrees), and work/volunteer hours or experience you are applying with.
    Also what grades have you gotten in the pre-reqs?

    I myself have got 35 credits at SFU with a 3.14 GPA..
    I've been volunteering at a care home for a few months now.

    My grades:
    Chem 11 - 96%
    Pre Calc 12 - 77%
    ENGL 1177 - B
    Anatomy and Physiology (1) - A-
    Anatomy and Physiology (2) - B+
    Psychology - A
    For general education I got A's in both classes.

    I just thought it would be helpful to see what others are applying with, so we can get a sense of our own standing and where we need to improve on. I hope in this thread we can all exchange tips and get to know eachother incase we do all end up going to BCIT together
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  3. by   Scd1

    I am surprised this thread has not gotten comments!

    I have a straight 3.0 average for all classes, but last semester pulled out with a 3.95 somehow haha. Total I have 34 Post Secondary credits.

    I have over 2 years experience working in a Veterinary clinic and volunteered in a Thailand Orphanage. Highly reccomend that to everyone it was an eye opener for sure!
    I was not sure how much to write in the "Additional information" box so I wrote a little paragraph about myself and my experiences.

    I am so nervous!! I wonder when we find out if we are accepted or not, maybe April?
  4. by   Twinkyswirl
    Hey guys,

    Just to let you all know, they consider only your prerequisites GPA.
  5. by   aliabeth
    Hi Summer

    I've just started level one this past intake (Jan 2017) - I think what you've got looks great, similar to what I got in with - I recommend trying to find paid work in health care, it will really increase your chances! Search craigslist for care assistant jobs, lots of times they will train you especially if they know you're hoping to gain experience for nursing school.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Warfarin
    I've applied just a month ago, and I'm very skeptical about getting in--I just don't see it happening hehe. From my experience with one of BCIT's programs, getting in is the easy part (lots of sleepless nights and lots o' reading and paperwork--LOTS). I have, however, heard of good things about their students (they're pretty competent in comparison to VCC/Douglas).

    Also, we pretty much have the same grades:

    Chem 11: 87
    Pre Calc 11/12: 88

    Engl: B+
    A&P I: A
    A&P II: A
    Psych: B+

    Health Sciences: A
    Statistics: A

    Other than that, I have 33 total post-secondary credits, worked part-time, and have volunteered at SPH and a nursing home with 300+ hrs for two years.

    Again, I'm very skeptical when it comes to BCIT since nearly everyone who got accepted there might as well apply for UBC Medicine lol. Because I do not have a degree, I'm doing everything I can to prep myself in case I DO get in, like mastering A&P and going over some NCLEX reviewers just to get used to the test style (DW, I can count the number of correct answers with my five fingers lol)

    Sorry for the novel
    Good Luck
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  7. by   Fiona59
    Are you posting about BCIT in Burnaby, Canada?

    There threads ads on this in the Canadian forum
  8. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Fiona59
    Are you posting about BCIT in Burnaby, Canada?

    There threads ads on this in the Canadian forum
    Thanks...we moved this thread to the Canadian Nursing Programs forum.
  9. by   jellycat
    I think there's another thread that's also "BCIT Nursing 2017", but I'll post here too!
    I applied with a 3.5 GPA for my prereqs, currently have 38 credits and 200 hours of volunteering from senior homes and hospitals. Really hoping it's enough to get in...
  10. by   ninabear
    I have also applied for the September 2017 intake...but like everyone else, I am SO worried about being accepted.

    I applied with a 3.2 GPA (i know...not the greatest), but I have worked as a medical assistant in hospitals for the past 4 years, and previously was a swim coach/lifeguard. I am hoping all of my experience will help me get accepted.
  11. by   Warfarin
    Anyone heard back from them? But judging from last year's intake, applicants should start to get shortlisted around the last week of March.
  12. by   JPoi
    I'm assuming that you guys are talking about the August 2017 intake for British Columbia Institute of Technology.

    Just wanted to say good luck to all of us!

    Btw, who else is kinda worked up about this so-called waiting game? :/
  13. by   Hgl2015
    hi does anybody know how many people applied?
  14. by   Warfarin
    idk much but hopefully the number of people who applied reflects the number of comments on this thread lol