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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

  1. by   dog_prints

    But it says we are not to submit more than 2 references. I would assume that means 1 work + 1 volunteer references only. If you have several volunteer ones, I guess you would have to pick a specific one.
  2. by   dog_prints
    And also, the instructions do say that the references should use the reference forms and there is a section for additional comments, I would assume they don't want an extra letter. Just my 2 cents though.
  3. by   animalhandler
    For those asking, I was shortlisted, and I have a total of 104 credits (3/4 of a degree in nutritional science, plus a couple electives from Douglas). For the pre-requisite courses, I have completed all but both of the LIBS and Psych 102- this is definately the part of my application that is worrying me most right now! I also have over 50 hours of volunteer experience at St. Paul's hospital.

    And for those who have been shortlisted- I sent BCIT an email last night, just to clarify whether the position description that is supposed to be attached to any healthcare-related volunteer work should be written by us, or our referee... the response: "If the agency has a job description (and most do) you can attach it, and if they do not you are welcome to write it yourself."
  4. by   smiley65
    They prefer work references but volunteer are ok too. They won't read any thing extra, just the forms. Your employer has a spot to write extra comments on the back
  5. by   iheartpurple
    prefer work... I hope that isn't like if they have 96 people with two work referenecs then they get in.. :S
  6. by   iheartpurple
    And OK I will not be asking for an extra letter then!! Thanks for pointing those things out, I guess I should have read the info better
  7. by   smiley65
    No worries. By prefer work, I mean at least one from work. I am not speaking on behalf of them, it's just my understanding of it. I submitted one of each.
  8. by   BulmaBriefs
    That's good then! And iheartpurple, we have to submit no more than two reference forms that they attached in our emails but I believe we can submit more than two reference letters, but I wouldn't sbumit more than 3!

    And just to clarify, I called them and they said that it doesn't matter if you submit volunteer or work references. Just as long as you submit 2 reference forms and the letters it's all good. They don't give you more credit if you submit a work reference, it really doesn't matter. So I wouldn't worry about handing in either a volunteer or work reference, just as long as you submit 2 references.

    Volunteering is extremely similar in terms of a job except you don't get paid, but the responsibilities are just as the same when working. The nursing department wants to be sure that there is proof of our work or volunteer experience, how much you've contributed and what roles & responsibilities you were obliged to. If you have a lot of volunteering hours then that's just as good.

    Besides, the volunteer and work forms are simliar as well. There's no difference really! I believe that volunteering for agencies and trying to make a difference in the community really shows how passionate and helpful a person can be; because they take time out from their lives to put other's needs before theirs. An important quality of which a nurse is suppose to have, so just remember, you're not any better or any less if you don't have work experience. Just my two cents.

    Hope this helps
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  9. by   smiley65
    @bulmabriefs- I am not sure where you got this info, or who you called but it is not accurate. Please don't submit more than 2 because the 3rd or more won't even be considered. As for the type of reference, you are better off with work. If you can't get 2 work then 1 of each. They need to be from your employer or your volunteer co ordinator Volunteer work is very different than employment. For starters, volunteers are usually there 1 day a week, and usually a minimum of 3 at a paid job. I believe that the requirements are clearly outlined in your package, so I suggest that everyone follows those guidelines.
  10. by   BulmaBriefs

    I called the head of the school up myself yesterday and they said it's fine to submit two volunteer references, 2 work references or both, it doesn't matter, it depends on what the applicants themselves want to submit. They do prefer that you submit one employment reference though. That's why in the guidelines it says volunteer OR employement references. Bottom line, everyone just needs to submit 2 references+letter.

    As for volunteering, when I was a volunteer I would work monday-fridayys every morning from 9-1, at one of the many places that I've volunteered, so it's not always that you work one day a week for a few hours. But i do have employment as well, thankfully.

    I apologize if I wasn't clear in the beginning.
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  11. by   smiley65
    That is not the info you postedid. "the head of the nursing dept" emailed me because the information you posted was not accurate. I am trying to help you out by relaying that information. I never said that you were wrong about volunteer vs work, but in your previous post you suggested that you "wouldn't worry about handing in work or volunteer, as long as there are two references..." which is not right. It reads that you can get a reference from your neighbor and be done with it. If what you meant to say was work over volunteer or work vs volunteer, that's different (though still inaccurate as it states that they prefer at least 1 work) Also there is no letter of intent required so maybe you can PM me the name of who you talked to so that I can pass it along. I was by no means trying to discredit your volunteer work, but you need to know that while there may be similarities, work references are different than volunteer references. I can assure that I am not misinformed. But of course it's up to you to decide what to submit, I was only trying to point you guys in the right direction.
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  12. by   BulmaBriefs
    Yikes, there seems to be a confusion here.

    Okay when I said I "wouldn't worry about handing in work or volunteer, as long as there are two references" from the info. that was contained within the attachments we got, it made it seem like it was okay to submit work or volunteer reference, 2 volunteer reference or 2 work reference. It said on there that they require volunteer or work references but they would prefer one employment reference. I'm just speaking on behalf of those who don't have work experience because I don't want them to feel discouraged, like my guy friend who also applied but he doesn't have work experience but a lot of volunteering hours. I have work experience and so do a lot of the other applicants.

    Now that that's cleared up, Smiley65, we really and truly appreciate your feedback! I know you're just trying to help. Thank you.
  13. by   smiley65
    To be very clear, you are required to submit 2 references on the forms provided. Any other form or letter will not be considered in your final evaluation. If you send more than 2, only 2 will be considered and you have no way to determine which 2 they pick, so just send 2. They prefer work references, and at least 1 work reference. If you do not have an employment reference, send volunteer references. Since being shortlisted, there are still many of you to be cut before the final 96 is chosen.