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Hello future nurses, I am so excited to be starting nursing at BCIT in August! For future applicants: To have a strong application make sure you have work experience, volunteer experience (preferrably healthcare), as well... Read More

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    Slowly going crazy with the wait...

    Next week couldn't come faster!!!

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    And the wait continues........ =/
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    only 6 more days you guys, don't worry we will hear by next week!
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    Hey guys I'm new to the thread but I've been keeping myself posted with the comments. Do any of you know if your references were contacted at all?

    P.S- I can't wait for Friday to come! The wait is killing me!
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    Welcome!! I know im dying to know too! Are you a current student?
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    I just finished LIBS 7002 last month and LIBS 7001 last December, and have a lot of my courses done from SFU.
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    @ Emenvd: I highly doubt my references were contacted 'cause they would have told me. What did you apply with?
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    I have a feeling this is a very competitive intake. What did you apply with careubc?
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    The August intake is typically more competitive than the January intake. It's 'easier' to get into the January intake simply because not as many people apply for that one. The January intake had approximately 550 applicants compared to the ~ 700 students who applied for August. When BCIT is narrowing down the applications, I was told that their standards are considerably higher because there are so many to go through.

    Hopefully everyone here will hear back from BCIT soon!
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    I am so nervous !!!!

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