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Hello future nurses, I am so excited to be starting nursing at BCIT in August! For future applicants: To have a strong application make sure you have work experience, volunteer experience (preferrably healthcare), as well... Read More

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    Just got shortlisted! Wooohoooo
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    I just got shortlisted !!!!!!!!! I was so worried. Sending good vibes to everyone else still waiting.
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    what is this questionnaire?
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    Did anyone get asked for references? I didn't. There is just info about a questionnaire to fill out online.... This is new.
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    Short listed as well! No references just questionaire
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    This is very new. I'm a little upset I feel like my references would be a great representation of all my hard work.
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    Just checked on my break at work and I jumped out of my seat and literally jumped my way to tell my boss. Haha! I was so excited!
    I did not think I would even get shortlisted!

    Now that the first hurdle is gone for us, good luck to all for the final round~!!!
    Hope everyone gets good news soon!!
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    I got shortlisted!!! Congratz to all of you who did as well!!!! I have to go to the bathroom real bad LOL
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    Shortlisted. Also, very excited about this questionnaire. I love the idea that they aren't just scanning our resume, and instead adding personal experiences and thoughts into the equation.

    Additionally, anyone know the final seats being awarded? I know 176 have been shortlisted, but not the final count. I could assume it's the same as usual (98), but would love to know for sure.
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    Has anyone done the questionnaire? What is it about?
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