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Hello future nurses, I am so excited to be starting nursing at BCIT in August! For future applicants: To have a strong application make sure you have work experience, volunteer experience... Read More

  1. by   aspiring91
    @publichealthhopeful what I did was print out that immunization records form on the bcit health services page and went to bcit health service office, if you don't have any of the records of your vaccinations from high school and when your were little your public health clinic can get you that info for you within a couple of minutes! If you need help filling it out just go to bcit health services at school and they'll fill it out for you. That's what I did and they just told me to get my hepatitis antibody test done at a lab. They also take your form for you, so you won't have to fax it to them and the antibody test will be sent to them directly from the lab
  2. by   vana_
    Basically on the immunization records its just whether or not you already have been vaccinated and if you cannot get your records you can go and get a titer test done. They will give us the necessary vaccinations that we have not gotten or is now outdated and no longer protect us. The form basically lists just what we should be protected from.

    Anyways I handed mine in the other day, had trouble obtaining a Doctors or Public health nurses signature but I called BCITs Health Services and the lady I spoke to said its fine as long as theres the necessary information.
  3. by   ilovesushi
    I phoned my local public health nurse and after giving her my info, care card number etc. she wasn't able to find any of my immunization records from elementary school or high school as she said since I was born in 1989 they weren't entered electronically into the system at the time? Weird because I would've thought they'd still have some sort of info. So I think my plan now is to head over to BCIT Health Services
  4. by   ace12345
    All documents submitted so far! Can't wait to start
  5. by   vana_
    Has anyone gotten a package or anything about the criminal record search?
  6. by   smokeytaboo
    I received a package in the mail yesterday about the criminal record check.
    We have to log online to fill out a request form then print, submit and pay a fee at BCIT.
  7. by   vana_
    Ahh okay great thanks. I guess I'll be on the lookout for it in the mail this week
  8. by   vana_
    Have you done it yet???
    Looks like my code expired......it hasn't been 30 days yet either.
  9. by   ace12345
    I did it already that's weird I would call them
  10. by   PublicHealthHopeful
    Can you pay the commitment fee online? Busy with work to drive out there, anyone know for sure and which links to click? Any help is appreciated thanks and cant wait to start!!
  11. by   vana_
    Yeah after hours I'm calling tomorrow. I sent Lori an email but am calling first thing tomorrow
  12. by   memegumi
    @ publichealthhopeful... Yes, you can pay your commitment fee online. Just go to your mybcit account, and look for the "fee assessment, payment and receipts" option under the "student self service" menu
  13. by   memegumi
    @ vana, I have the same problem - my code is expired too! Well I guess I will give them a call tomorrow too