CRNE Readiness Test Questions

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    Hi Guys,

    I have previously taken the CRNE Readiness Test and got quite a good score (considering i have not yet started studying the prep guide)

    I am just wondering if the questions in the test change each time it is taken or is it a set 100 as i would like to re-take the test but don't see much point if it is just the exact same questions??

    The site hints at the fact it is just a standard 100 but does not state for certain so i would appreciate it if someone else had done the test more than once and could shed light on the subject.

    Thanks in advance

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    The exam changes a little bit every time it's administered. And it's a lot more than 100 questions. More like 300 and some. The more practice questions you do and get correct, the more prepared you'll be for the real thing.
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    Hi I am talking about the online test which is always a set 100 questions.

    Does anyone know if the online test from the CRNE has different questions each time you take it is it always the same 100??

    Thanks again
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    Why would the practice test only have the same 100 questions over and over, when the real exam has 300 questions that change each time the test is set? Getting a prefect score after several attempts on a practice test that only examines a small part of the knowledge one will need for the real one wouldn't really be an accurate reflection of a person's nursing knowledge, would it? Anybody can memorize a small block of information. I suspect that there are actually thousands of questions that are randomly selected by the computer when a person takes the practice test and you might get a lot of the same questions or you might get completely different ones.
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    Does anyone know if the online readiness test has rotating questions or is it simply the same 100 each time ??

    Would be great if i could get a definative answer.

    thank you
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    Your question was answer the readniess test is just a sample. 96% of Canadian nurses pass the CRNE the first time.

    According to the web site, if you did well the first time you took the test you should have no trouble with CRNE. I would assume it the same questions, but I would email the webmaster to confirm that.The site also states it is not a study guide.
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    The online Readiness Test that CNA has on their website has not changed in over a year. It is the same TEST. So if you need more practice, DO NOT rely on paying the 40 sum dollars for another readiness test. It would be nice if CNA could update a readiness test between each writings. I am a Canadian grad nurse who has failed the CRNE twice. However, this test - Does not reflect the type of nurse that I am. I am a safe & competent nurse. I am a acute care nurse And I'm damn good at it Its the community fluff questions that I am struggling with.
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    thanks for this input for I'm also planning to try that link... What about the book?
    Mr. Competent, what is it about community fluff questions?
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    nice earyen
    the CRNE study guide book is definitely recommended. I am not sure which questions Mr competent thinks were "community fluff". Community health deals with in part, the social determinents of health and it looks at at risk populations and the effect violence, poverty and homelessness can have on health so I am not sure how community health questions can be "fluff".

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    I have taken the exam twice and failed it twice , i have taken the online readiness test a number of times and yes they are different every time, must be 500 questions that rotate or something. I also feel that this does not reflect on my ability to nurse, i am a very competent nurse, but i trained in the UK and we are not used to multiple choice. BTW do you get a fourth attempt?

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