Stanford New Grad program

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    I just read on the Stanford career site that as of today they are taking applicants for a new RN training program and I have read that many of you are looking for such programs.

    Good Luck!!
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    I was excited for 1 minute up until I saw only BSN and Masters accepted. Good luck to the rest of you.
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    That really doesn't surprise me that they would post something like that. Stanford has been known to only hire the cream of the crop which is a shame because there are a lot of excellent ADN nurses out there. In this economy they can now be picky on who they hire. Right now you're competiting not only with your own peers that you graduated from, but you're also competiting with new grad nurses from other countries wishing to work here and they have a BSN.
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    and also competing with those who didnt get hired the first round...

    sometimes hiring the cream of the crop is nice though because they select you based on legitimate qualifications rather than just "who you know" and if you previously worked there
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    I wouldn't say that BSN, MSN are all cream of the crops. There are some ADN graduates who can run circles around the BSN and MSN graduates. ADN, BSN, and MSN all passed the same NCLEX the only difference is education. But they all do the samething while on the floor. Only difference is that BSN and MSN graduates have more opportunities for management, and usually that takes them away from the floor.
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    SHC only takes BSN and MSNs because they are Magnet Status. They are trying to implement Evidenced based practice and advanced nursing roles on their floors. It's not an offense to ADNs who have skills and are good nurses; it has to do with academic prestige and nursing excellence.

    Magnets do hired ADNs, but it is going to become a trend, at least in the Bay Area where all nursing jobs (not just new grads) are tight, to hired 4 year (+) educated nurses. It is also less of a burden on institutions when RNs have to ask for time off, tuition reimbursement if they want to go back to get their BSN/MSN in the future.

    As for BSN/MSN going only into management, very untrue statement. I am receiving my MSN in two weeks from a master's entry program. I plan on getting my CNS/NP to be a nurse resource/educator in the future even though my master's program was geared towards management. You learn a global spectrum of nursing, that includes bedside nursing all the way out to healthcare at the national level.

    I have worked and learned with nurses that are ADNs to PhDs, so nursing competence at any level I have the utmost respect for. 75% of nurses in CA are ADNs and are the brunt power force behind nursing today. But as nursing progressively moves from a vocational to professional career, this trend of only hiring 4 year degrees will start to become more common throughout hospitals.
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    About 3 years ago, my boyfriend's sister was hired as a new-grad ADN and worked at Stanford for a year before transferring to a hospital closer to home.

    The times are changing rapidly...
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    In this economy they really can be picky on who they hire, I think that's what it boils down to. In my hospital we are also magnet status but have hired ADN as recently as last new grad program, but they prefer BSN is what I'm hearing.
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    I received a call from Stanford yesterday! I am truly amazed as I expected my application to go into a black hole. Unfortunately, I missed the call and the HR person said not to call them back and assured me that they would call me back. She said she wanted to be prepared when she calls back as she has some questions to ask me. So now, I'm really nervous. Has anyone been through this process before? I'd love to hear any advice or about any personal experience anyone has had with the Stanford application process. Thanks!!!
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    I assume it is the same process as Lucille Packard and when I applied there last time around it was just some general questions like why do you want to work here? tell me about yourself ? which units are you most interested in ? Its how they screen for in person interviews. Good Luck!
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