SCRIPPS New Grad Program August 2012 - page 6

Hey all! I wanted to start this thread for those of us that applied to Scripps New Grad Program for August 2012. I uploaded my app and finished the Talentmine appraisal on Monday, May 14, at 2... Read More

  1. by   Coriander
    I'm scheduled at 10:30
  2. by   BooBear0306
    Good luck girls!! Mine is later...not until 2:30.
  3. by   RN2012BSN
    I'm at 8:30am tomorrow!! It's bedtime for me very soon :-)

    Good luck to you all too!! Let's hope we'll be working together soon!
  4. by   patient RN
    Good luck to everyone interviewing today!!
  5. by   luckybella
    Good luck to everyone interviewing! How did everyone feel their interviews went?
  6. by   Av03
    Quote from luckybella
    Good luck to everyone interviewing! How did everyone feel their interviews went?
    Had my interview at 110. It only lasted 10 minutes. Was able to answer everything they asked me with specific examples. Messed up big time for forgetting to pass out my resume. Either they had a pretty good idea of what I have to offer, or they totally didn't like me at all. Hoping for the best.
  7. by   Coriander
    I had my interview at 10:30 (hello to any of you who were there!) I had a panel of four, with two from Chula Vista, one from Memorial, and one from Encinitas. I think it went really well, and 45 minutes flew by before any of us knew it. I have no idea if that's bad or good, but we had interesting conversation the whole time. I guess we'll see.

    Good luck to you all!
  8. by   RN2012BSN
    Does anyone know a physical address for the talent managers? Where is there office located? Thanks!!
  9. by   Coriander
    Employment Center - Scripps Health - San Diego

    Is that what you're looking for? I imagine that's where they're stationed.
  10. by   RN2012BSN
    Thank you Coriander! This is what I was looking for. I even called by phone, and asked the address, so that's correct!

    How are you passing the time until we are notified about decisions!? That is the hardest part! I'm trying to stay busy, and apply to other places I can find.
  11. by   Coriander
    You're so welcome!

    I'm studying for NCLEX and working, so it keeps my mind (somewhat) off of things. I received a rejection from another hospital this morning and almost went into panic mode until I figured out it wasn't from Scripps. LOL

    Good luck to you
  12. by   Coriander
    All the best to our interviewees tomorrow!
  13. by   RN2012BSN
    How did the interviews go everyone??