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Hey all! I wanted to start this thread for those of us that applied to Scripps New Grad Program for August 2012. I uploaded my app and finished the Talentmine appraisal on Monday, May 14, at 2 pm. I hear that the first 500... Read More

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    The best advice I can give is to be honest and be yourself....have you ever resolved a conflict for others? I bet you're a good communicator and that's why you do not have conflicts with say that
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    Thanks for the suggestion BooBear!

    Anyone else who interviewed last time have any tips as to what they're looking for? Are they looking for strong customer service & empathy/compassion, or more of being a strong leader and assertiveness type stuff?

    Good luck to us all who interview tomorrow and next week!
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    Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow! I'm thinking about you!
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    anyone know # interviews vs.# positions available?
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    How did everyone's interview go today??
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    jenn3999: 200 interviewees, 60-70 spots available
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    luckybella: thanks for that info. Where did you find it out?

    What types of questions should we prepare for this interview? Does anyone have experience with the Scripps interview process?

    Thanks everyone!! and good luck
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    The HR rep told us today. Definitely prepare for behavioral interview questions. Good luck!
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    Thank you! Did they say when we'd be finding out who is chosen? Ahh, the waiting game ;-)
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    Yup. Expect to hear by June 20th. Pretty nervewracking!
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