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Has anyone here ever worked at Disneyland as an R.N.? Pros/cons? All feedback appreciated. Thanks in advance.... Read More

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    I actually happened to be at Disneyland today and swung by the first aid station. I talked with a nurse there about how to go about getting a job at Disneyland. She told me that they look for 5 years of experience first and foremost; I asked if they prefer ER/Med surg...She said as long as its five years of experience. I also asked if they hire many full time RN's; she said that they do have some full timers, but most are part time/per diem(1-2 days a week). They also do 9 days of 'training' to get them up to Disneyland speed:O. haha. Anyway...she said just keep an eye out and apply when I have around 5 years of experience. Hope that helps.

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    My sisterís friend applied there but ended up getting a job at a local doctors office instead. We were all routing for her hoping she could get us some free tickets because embarrassing as it may sound I've never been to disney world .

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