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Has anyone here ever worked at Disneyland as an R.N.? Pros/cons? All feedback appreciated. Thanks in advance.... Read More

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    oh i'm so glad i saw this post, i sent out my resume and the application on career builders, they are looking for part time and full time RN's but reading how the health system is there..why do they need nurses? no IV's for dehydration? were is the doctor? don't they have an on site physician? i don't think i want to work there any more thanks for saving me the grief! the only thing i guess we can do is see if the accident was their fault or the spinning tea cups! LOL
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    My friend works there as an RN and I have actually worked there (but not as an RN). Disneyland is very strict when it comes to scheduling. It is a very good company to work for though. I think you have to work like every other weekend and certain holidays, so I imagine it is hard to work around your schedule if you have a full time 12 hour other nsg job. The nurses there must be able to carry the equivalent of i think a 10-15lb pound pack on their back if they are rushed to attend to a call out in the park. I'm sure the majority of their activities include tending to minor cuts and scrapes but you do have serious calls that you are responsible for as well. I was in the park once as a guest, and i did see a man collapse. The team came along, including a nurse, and they were attempting to revive him with CPR. Look into the position if youre interested for specific details though. I know they like you to have some med surg experience.
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    It does sound like fun The $25.00 an hour surprises me for California (maybe not so much for FL).
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    Yeah, someon had what looked like a heart attack or some sort of cardiac episode coming off of the jurassic park ride in Universal studios Florida. The nurse and medics were there amazingly fast. Sometimes serious things occur, I remember reading that a small child died after getting on the mars expedition ride (virtual reality, lots of G-force spinning) in Epcot Center.
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    My son once tripped and scrapped his knee at the entrance of disneyland near that giant mickey head that every so cal family has a picture in front of. Out of walls and garden emblems morphed nurses. I had just started nursing school so of course this was intresting to me. After they put a band-aid on my sons knee I asked a ton of questions about the job. They told me its one of the easiest jobs until a major trauma happens in the park. Then its like working in the highest stress environment imaginable. True about getting family and friends in, they have per diem schedules and the pay is very good, for a new grad comperable to a hospital starting pay. She also said for a new grad it would be benificial to first work in an emergency unit for a year. Feeling good about the answers I had recieved those mysterious creatures disappeared into the sceanery as quickly as they had appeared. I walked away with a happy little boy and a sticker of minnie mouse dressed as a nurse
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    Hi! I just saw this post, do you have any contact information on the nurse that worked for disney? im trying to apply for a job there but and hitting a lot of dead ends! thanks!
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    do you know anyone who deals with the hiring of the nurse? im hitting a lot of dead ends!
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    I actually happened to be at Disneyland today and swung by the first aid station. I talked with a nurse there about how to go about getting a job at Disneyland. She told me that they look for 5 years of experience first and foremost; I asked if they prefer ER/Med surg...She said as long as its five years of experience. I also asked if they hire many full time RN's; she said that they do have some full timers, but most are part time/per diem(1-2 days a week). They also do 9 days of 'training' to get them up to Disneyland speed:O. haha. Anyway...she said just keep an eye out and apply when I have around 5 years of experience. Hope that helps.
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    My sister's friend applied there but ended up getting a job at a local doctors office instead. We were all routing for her hoping she could get us some free tickets because embarrassing as it may sound I've never been to disney world .