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This is a new thread for anyone that has applied to the Mount St. Mary's College Accelerated BSN program in Los Angeles for 2010 entry. This is my second application for admission since I wasn't... Read More

  1. by   casey11
    Hi there,
    I'm in the Fall 2009 cohort on break until January. I know it's hard waiting but thought I could answer a couple of questions. What I recall is you won't see much change on web advisor until after your interview. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't start interviews until after the beginning of the year. Just hang in there and wait for that call or email. We were contacted both ways last time around. Good luck to you all!
  2. by   newbiepnp
    Thanks for helping to ease our minds. I actually called them yesterday and I was told they had not started to send out emails for interviews yet.

    @Casey11 - How do you like the program?
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  3. by   casey11
    The program is great! There are times you will hate some of the administrative details and it is certainly challenging but you receive a really great education. For those who do make it into the program, my advice is to work together and help each other out as much as you can. This program is very fast and demanding but luckily we're a very cohesive group. Some of us have suggested they have some of the former students at your initial skills workshops to help out with orientation.
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  4. by   kkinla
    Thanks for the info casey11! Do you know anything about the scholarships (the loan-repayment scholarships with local hospitals) or how they work exactly? I know I'm thinking kind of far ahead, but I can't seem to find any information about them. For example, if you get one, do you have to also apply for a student loan? Thanks!
  5. by   casey11
    We're just now getting information on these even though we started in the fall. I would go ahead and apply for the student loans and then these programs will repay some of the loans but you can check with financial aid office once you get accepted. They're pretty well organized and can push your loans through quickly and easily. People are debating whether they want to be tied down to a certain organization following graduation. Something to think about but you've got time to consider this.
  6. by   morama
    hey i read your post online and I just took an anatomy class and got a B on it. I wanted to ask you what science class did you get a B in? I am just starting with my pre reqs and i am burnt out
  7. by   kkinla
    Oh wow, thanks casey! do you know if you have to have a student loan? The reason I ask is that my parents are going to be paying my tuition, and I'm not sure that they would qualify for the loan. I don't know much of anything about student loans, but my parents think they wouldn't qualify.

    I'm surprised to hear what sounds like a significant number of people are debating this program. From what i've seen and heard, open nursing positions have significantly dropped since the start of the recession. People are staying with their jobs a few more years before retiring because of money they lost in the markets, etc. I would love to have a guaranteed job when I graduate nursing school and not have to worry about finding a job in this economy.
  8. by   BNice74
    I received an email today at 6:45pm for an invite to interview January 7th through January 15, 2010. Did anyone else hear anything? I am excited and very nervous.
  9. by   newbiepnp
    No email here, but congrats! Nice to know something is happening.
  10. by   BNice74
    Sorry you didn't get an email yet, but I am sure you will!!!! I am going to call Monday to see if I can interview ASAP, as I live in Oregon but happen to be in LA this weekend. I will let you know what they say. Don't be discouraged there were only 28 people on that email list.
  11. by   newbiepnp
    OMG, it was a list of people? Maybe that was sent to out of state peeps so far so you can make arrangements? This is going to be a long weekend. Enjoy the time in LA, it is going to be a beautiful weekend.
  12. by   kkinla
    ahhh nothing for me either sugarlips! i even checked the spam folder just to make sure... it's definitely going to be a long weekend... congrats betsyct!!!
  13. by   miss madeline
    i received the interview email too! (also at 6:45pm). i live in southern california though, i'm wondering if that is the first wave of interviews? im positive they most likely will have a second or even third set of interviews because there are only 20 or so individuals on that email thread.

    im nervous and excited too! goodluck everyone