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This is a new thread for anyone that has applied to the Mount St. Mary's College Accelerated BSN program in Los Angeles for 2010 entry. This is my second application for admission since I wasn't... Read More

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    I believe mid-January is when they notify us if we are in or out, but by next week we should be contacted for interviews, no?

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    yeah I guess so, I haven't called them so I'm just going off of what other people have said.
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    Has anyone checked their WebAdvisor account and seen in a change? The last thing I have is from 11/5/09 saying that my credits were being advised. Nothing else since.
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    I check webadvisor often to see if there are any changes but nothing since 11/17 where it says "advising" I have no idea when they notify us. According to "Sugarlips" we should be getting interview letters in the next week or 2 but that was last week and it appears no one in this forum has received anything. It would make sense we wont hear anything until after the holidays. Some schools, like Samuel Merritt, with a Nov 1 deadlines wont even begin notifying anyone until March!! And others, like NYU, notify within weeks - even before the application deadline!!! I guess we just have to be patient. :O)
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    My latest update was 12/8, with "Transfer Credit Eval Update" from Advising. As of 11/13, my admission status says "Complete- In Review Process". Does anyone know if anything in our documents or admission status changes if/when we are asked to interview? Or if something changes if we are not asked to interview? The wait is killing me!
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    So quiet......
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    Hi there,
    I'm in the Fall 2009 cohort on break until January. I know it's hard waiting but thought I could answer a couple of questions. What I recall is you won't see much change on web advisor until after your interview. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't start interviews until after the beginning of the year. Just hang in there and wait for that call or email. We were contacted both ways last time around. Good luck to you all!
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    Thanks for helping to ease our minds. I actually called them yesterday and I was told they had not started to send out emails for interviews yet.

    @Casey11 - How do you like the program?
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    The program is great! There are times you will hate some of the administrative details and it is certainly challenging but you receive a really great education. For those who do make it into the program, my advice is to work together and help each other out as much as you can. This program is very fast and demanding but luckily we're a very cohesive group. Some of us have suggested they have some of the former students at your initial skills workshops to help out with orientation.
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    Thanks for the info casey11! Do you know anything about the scholarships (the loan-repayment scholarships with local hospitals) or how they work exactly? I know I'm thinking kind of far ahead, but I can't seem to find any information about them. For example, if you get one, do you have to also apply for a student loan? Thanks!

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