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Hey guys, I have a question. I had an interview with LAC+USC and received a letter that I passed the oral exam. I read in the letter that they are going to contact me if positions open up. I am a new... Read More

  1. by   r.yusi
    I interviewed for the ER roughly 2 weeks ago...1 week later they offered me a job ...and this week i did my lifescan...does anyone know how long it takes to get everything cleared and roughly get your start date? I feel like i am in a predicament because I am currently in school and i work full time in another ER at another hospital and i feel like I can't plan what to do with those 2 things because the hiring process for county varies from 1 month to many months! .if anyone can give any insight to how long the process will take?
  2. by   bbyjam
    hi r.yusi..
    live scan in my case took 1 week(7 long days) .. but i know in some other cases i have read on AN that it can take up to 4-6 weeks. Don't lose hope! if you have not done your physical yet then i suggest you go and get a TB skin test placed as it is a two step process- They require you to have two skin test within the last 12 months(of course if you've had a + hx then copy of chest x-ray). That way when you go in for your physical you can bring a copy of the results.. [this was my experience, I understand that others may have had a different experience].

    I went in for my physical on a Tuesday afternoon and I was contacted by HR that my first day of orientation is on Monday. I went to HR to sign paperwork(which took 2.5 hours..whheeehh). After your live scan and physical things will be quick... so patience is a virtue and it is definitely worth the wait! GOOD LUCK!
  3. by   Itsmyluckyday
    I got an invitation to take the written test does anyone know how to study for that or if it is really hard? The practice sites i go to are not helpful.
  4. by   bbyjam
    if you passed nursing school you will have no prob passing their test/s good luck!
  5. by   Itsmyluckyday
    Quote from bbyjam
    if you passed nursing school you will have no prob passing their test/s good luck!
    But did you use something to study? I've taken their inductive reasoning practice tests and do miserably I want county so bad :/ how can I pass this for sure what to study?
  6. by   r.yusi

    hat is this written test? I never had to take a written test prior to any interviews!! have you interviewed with them already?
  7. by   r.yusi
    @ bbyjam
    hanks so much for the insight! I just hate that I dont have an exact timeframe to deal with because I need to tell my current employer and my school about my leave. Do you currently work for LAC USC County? How do you like it?

    I went back and fourth on whether or not to choose the County job...other nursing coworkers told me to go for county because im young and I should be exposed to as much experiences as I can while I can still handle the pressure..they say i will learn so much from county and that i shouldnt even think twice about taking the job. They said once I am a County RN --having that experience under my belt is definitely a huge advantage for future hospitals/opportunities I would want to you feel that this is true?
  8. by   bbyjam
    Hi.. I sent you a PM...hoping you'll get your start date soon!
  9. by   r.yusi
    @ bbyjam!

    I could received your PM and thanks for the information! the thing is I cant respond back because allnurses disabled by PM because i havent posted enough! So if you want to PM me your email, I can write you that way
  10. by   Sophia432
    I am preparing to take the written exam. Does anybody have advice as to how to prepare??
  11. by   r.yusi
    @ Sophia 432..What is this written exam? Are you already hired and went through the interview?? I dont remember ever taking a written exam
  12. by   AngRN77LA
    R. Yusi! Congrats on the job offer!!! I also got an offer to work in the ER!!! I just went for the Livescan on May 28th and received an email 2 days later with an appointment to go in for my health clearance. I started the health clearance on Monday, 6/3 and because I need to be cleared for my second TB reading, I go back Wednesday and was told I'll receive clearance that day, from there go to nurse recruitment and wait for my start date. I was surprised how fast the Livescan took...I heard it also depends on how common or unique your name is...I'm the only RN in the state of California with my last name so maybe that had something to do with it. I agree with bbyjam, get your health documents such as TB screenings in place copies of titers, etc that way you can be cleared the same day you go in!!!

    Bbyjam, what unit are you gonna be working in?
  13. by   r.yusi
    @AngRN77LA, congrats! thats so cool, we will be working with eachother!! how exciting! are you a New Grad RN? I went in for my lifescan May 29th and havent gotten an email yet for my health clearance.. I did have my 2 step TB test done within the last year and I have copies of my titers and i dont think i have much to do for the health clearance...I just wish I had an official start date so I can tell my current employer and notify my school! Im really in no rush though to start ..i know when we start, we are gonna be BUSY!!! lol