Kaiser's pay/benefits for staff nurse 2? - page 2

by Genista

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Hello. I was wondering if anyone has info on Kaiser Permanente's pay scale for staff nurse 2. How much is the benefit package? Is it still free for employees? I am in N. CA, and over 10 years RN experience. I know they are... Read More

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    Thank you for your reply, but even with 4 years experiences in acute care??
    and do they have shifts of 8 or 12 hrs, more full time or more part time ??
    It sounds really interesting.
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    that's great! what traveling agency did you work for?
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    would a nurse with 5 years experience be considered a level 2?
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    would a nurse with 5 years experience in the United States Navy be considered a level 2 and/or be a competitive candidate?