Kaiser's pay/benefits for staff nurse 2? - page 2

Hello. I was wondering if anyone has info on Kaiser Permanente's pay scale for staff nurse 2. How much is the benefit package? Is it still free for employees? I am in N. CA, and over 10 years RN... Read More

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    would a nurse with 5 years experience in the United States Navy be considered a level 2 and/or be a competitive candidate?
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    Kaiser in my area hires LVN's right now in northern California.I am a new grad LVN with 5 months of experience and currently hold 2 different LVN positions. I have been applying with kaiser for over 4 years even for basic patient transporting jobs,etc. I have never received an email that didn't say that i either did not meet the qualifications ( when i even checked the qualifications per position that i fit) or that the position had been given away to someone else. Was told that Kaiser HR doesn't go through every application themselves and that they have a computerized application and resume checker that scans for certain wording/words within a applicants resume, and if it sees a keyword that it likes, it will send the resume directly to the HR so that they make contact you. Dont know if this is true or not, but cant cant get in for anything.

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