California New Grads Question For You...

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    If you graduated in 2012 I would love to hear how your job search went.

    How Long Did It Take To Find A Job
    Where was the job (LTC, Doc Office, Detention Center...etc)
    What was your pay
    Name of school you graduated from

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    It took me 7 months of searching to get hired on a medsurg oncology unit in a community hospital. Starting pay is $28.60 per hour. I'm getting an entry level master's degree from Western University.
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    So far 3 months since licensure, 72 applications, 1 interview, and no job.
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    Unfortantly I've been graduated 7 months and yet to find a job. I do have my first interview next week. I graduated from Samuel Merritt University as well.
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    Quote from ExPharmaGirl
    So far 3 months since licensure, 72 applications, 1 interview, and no job.
    Lets update this to 92 applications.
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    Quote from ExPharmaGirl
    Lets update this to 92 applications.
    Are your referring to jobs you have applied to period, or new grad jobs applied to...? Applying to non-new grad jobs is often pointless as these jobs require experience.
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    A mix of new grad and jobs that have perferred but not required experience. Oddly, those are the ones I'm actually being considered for according to my application statuses.
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    How long did it take to find a job: Still unemployed
    School graduated from: VCU School of Nursing (in Virginia)

    In the same vein as ExPharmagirl - 81 applications, one interview, no job.
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    It's horrible here! Up to 115 apps. I've run out of positions to apply for!
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    ughh thats awful!

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