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We have all heard how lengthy the California licensing by endorsement can be. I haven't found any new updated threads on this. What's your experience been in the California license by endorsement... Read More

  1. by   ctabs14
    Quote from _zoubisoubisou_
    Can I do livescan from Florida at a UPS and have it sent to CA?
    No. Livescan can only be done in California. For anyone out of state, you have to submit the fingerprint cards.
  2. by   fj13
    Hey everyone,

    Has anyone submitted their License for Endorsement application and qualified for the expedited service for being military/veteran? I am just wondering how long the process is for expedited application to California. Thanks!
  3. by   Playlow80
    I applied the first part of November, mailed all my stuff in to include military orders to expedite. My check was cashed November 29, 2016. It's now Feb 19, 2017 and still no word on a license. No answer when you call- it directs you to website and hangs up on you and the website just says processing, which is what it has said since they cashed the check. I have a job offer but can't move forward without the license. It's so frustrating because I didn't choose to live in California. The marine corps chose it and now I'm jobless with a mortgage back home and rent here in California. I followed their timeframes on their website. Had their website been more honest and said it took longer for a license, I would have applied even sooner. Lesson learned. Will be updating 6-8 months early. From now on I will be applying for a RN license wherever we get orders to next - 6-8 months in advance so this doesn't happen again. A complete nightmare with no one to talk to in order to get updates. I thought military orders expedited the process - but I guess I was wrong. Just because their website says it does, doesn't mean it actually does. So annoyed but trying to be patient as my bills continue to fall behind while waiting on this state to give me a license.
  4. by   Jensmith
    Hello. Does anyone have any current information or advice for RN by endorsement? I sent my transcripts and Nursys in The beginning of January. I did live scan when I moved to California Jan 26 2017. I applied on line Feb 6., 2017. I got a letter in the mail requesting all transcripts from the schools I attended not just my final transcript April 6. I have still not heard anything back and was suppose to start a new job Monday. I am so frustrated with the process. I got my license in 3 days the last time I moved out of there anything to improve the turnaround time.the website said March 15 10-12 weeks ....
  5. by   Jennmic3
    Hi, I'm having the same issue with California BRN. I submitted my application online since February. I got a letter in the mail last April 10 requesting for my SSN, etc. I fed ex those and they receive the documents April 17, my school also sent everything through fed ex. Up to this time, still no license. I called and finally talk to an operator and she transferred me to the evaluator in which all I got is a voicemail and no call back ... she said to send an e mail which I did and still no reply. It's getting so frustrating. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. by   nurseanesthesia
    My state has a Live Scan location. Does this mean I am able to do that from here?

    Also, for transcripts: I took multiple pre-reqs at many different community colleges. Do I have to get a transcript from each one? Some of these schools (and my actual nursing school) only allow the transcript to be requested online through the National Clearinghouse website. There is no mail-in request possible so how will I do this since they require their form to be used?

    I tried calling and emailing but nobody answered...
  7. by   chibsterini
    Hi everyone! Just wanna make sure I'm doing things correctly.
    6/28: I went to my school, requested transcripts to be sent.
    7/12: I went to LA, did LIVESCAN at a CBON certified location.
    7/13: Submitted online entire packet (LICENSE FORM, LIVE SCAN FORM, PASSPORT PHOTO), total paid: $150
    7/23: Status is still pending, open. much longer am i expecting.
  8. by   euco
    To whom it may concern,

    I am trying to apply for the CA license by endorsement. I currently have a FL license. I was wondering if anyone filled the application online and then mail out the fingerprint card. I also need to get official records from two different schools which will be mailed separate and do the nursys. I am afraid given that everything will make it there at different times it would cause a problem or delay the process even more. What would you recommend?

    Thank you for your time!
  9. by   risyd
    Hi! Can somebody help me here? I passed my nclex in california back in 2010. I don't have SSN back then so I endorsed it to texas then Illinois. I am currently working here in illinois and we are planning to move to california. Which form should I submit? Is it licensure by application or endorsement? Please help
  10. by   MJB2010
    Quote from chibsterini
    Hi everyone! Just wanna make sure I'm doing things correctly.
    6/28: I went to my school, requested transcripts to be sent.
    7/12: I went to LA, did LIVESCAN at a CBON certified location.
    7/13: Submitted online entire packet (LICENSE FORM, LIVE SCAN FORM, PASSPORT PHOTO), total paid: $150
    7/23: Status is still pending, open. much longer am i expecting.
    I am just about to start this process, all I have done is the livescan so far. Hopefully you wont be waiting much longer! Let me know how it goes or if you have any advice.
  11. by   shibaowner
    There seems to be a lot of confusion on getting a California RN license.

    To provide some background: California always has to do things their own way. In the past year, they decided to replace the Board of Nursing computer system and this caused a lot of chaos and processing delays, as the new system is crappy and took a long time to get working properly. California takes longer than other states and it always has.

    The only source of valid information on getting your California RN license is the Board of Registered Nursing (BORN) website. Yes, it can be complicated and confusing, but you must take the time to read all the information. There are no shortcuts. Here is the link:
    California Board of Registered Nursing

    Here is the link to see how long it takes for your license app to be processed:
    Processing Times

    In general it takes 10 to 12 weeks to get licensure by endorsement. You can get a temp license in 8 to 10 weeks. You can request a temp license at the same time you are requesting licensure by endorsement.

    Livescan will definitely speed up processing. If you use a physical fingerprint card, it can take longer than 10 to 12 weeks.
    You must physically come to California and get Livescan here. You can't use Livescan in another state for this purpose. Depending on your urgency, it may be worth it to fly or drive to California just to get a Livescan. I did this and got my temp RN license in 8 weekds and my permanent RN license in 12 weeks.
  12. by   5h3ryL
    Great breakdown! It will be very helpful for those asking questions
  13. by   mjlandry14330
    Just wondering if anyone has any input as to how to submit the California licensure by endorsement application, they ask for many different documents.... are all these sent separately or gathered to send at the same time?