77 K for BSN in L.A.

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    Hello folks!

    Would you pay 77k for BSN program ? Recently I found the new school near my home ( 3 miles away) and they offer BSN program for that price , so would recommend it?

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    NO Way!
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    Hell no
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    "New" school and that high, nope.
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    First off what type of school is this? Private? For profit? Is it a degree to BSN or regular BSN or RN to BSN program?
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    it's private , I am not sure if its for profit, but I made mistake, although they offer BSN program too, 77k its not for BSN it's the cost of ADN program with pre-reqs included, and there is another option LVN 24 K and then 1 year of pre-reqs +1 year RN complition 53k
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    77k for an ADN, that's a ripe off. I would find another school.
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    Whats the name of this school?
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    My ADN at community college cost about 12k.
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    I live in LA, where are you talking about??

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