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If any of you out there have taken the HESI A2 for any of the Maricopa Colleges, would you like to share your experience? Can you compare it to the NET? What was your score? Did it focus on any... Read More

  1. by   rzyzzy
    Quote from sai191
    You really can't study for the vocab and grammar - the questions in the study guide aren't in the test. Relax, it's much easier than it sounds. I spent 2 hrs and 15 minutes on the test combined - probably 1.5 hours of that was math, and that's only because I was double-reading and double calculating everything.

    The ISBN # for the study guide is
    160 pages .

    Is the guide helpful in any sense do we get the same reading atleast or do we need to struggle.I am having a hard time for reading and vocabulary.Please help.
    There are some practice tests in the guide that will give you an idea of what the test will look like - and it's worthwhile if it relieves some of your anxiety. The biggest danger with this test is if you stress yourself out before taking it, or try to stay up all night cramming. Seriously, I took the test with 25 other people who on average, had been out of school for 10 years plus - we all passed, and the class average was mid 80's.

    It's an important test, but it isn't really that hard. Brush up on fractions, do the practice tests, pay a little extra attention to the "conversions" on page 36-38 - you'll get military time and roman numeral questions, and I had a couple of "how many ml's in a gallon and a half" type questions.
  2. by   QueenE6
    Sorry SAI191 for the late response, I applied at Glendale Community College and was picked up today after a year and a half wait. I"m doing the phlebotomy program at the skill center right now, we started the lab this week and I really like it so far.
  3. by   ykrolick
    I'm worried about English section. Was vocabulary part mostly medical terms or bio, A&P voc. ?
  4. by   lucerebe
    This is an easy test, nothing to stress about! I got 100% on both the math and reading sections and a 96 or 97% on the English. I did spend about 2hours reviewing before the test. My advice is to take your time and double check because you can't go back once you enter an answer. Review your science/medical terminology. Otherwise, it was pretty basic!
  5. by   szgg07
    I agree with lucerebe, it was pretty easy. For math know fractions and a&p know a little about everything. Good luck!
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