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I was wondering if anyone has information on whether the Boswell program will still be a valid choice since they are now Banner? I know everything is still fresh with Banner taking over, but I am unsure how that program will... Read More

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    what block are you starting?

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    Quote from vlively
    I was placed in the Fall 2010 Boswell program too. I still havent recieved my packet either, but I read somewhere that some schools do not send out the packets until everyone has returned their intent letters. I know the last round was sent out on the 21st of April. We may get something soon.
    Have you seen the book list @

    It doesn't say if the electronic version of the book is a requirement.. are you buy any chance buying all the books and getting the electronic version as well?

    I'm just a little confuse because I don't know if I should buy all those book in an electronic form....

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    How does everyone like the ebooks?
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    In my block one class, no one even used the e books. If you think about it, unless the book is on your hand held device for quick reference during clinicals then you may as well use your book. I don't know.... its up to you as to whether you're more comfortable reading on your lap top or if you'd rather have a book in hand. Personally, I like flipping through the book. Lol. Anyway, good luck.

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