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  1. vlively

    Any Boswell Fall 2010 Block 1 students?

    It's the medication calculations exam. You use to get washed out of the block, if you didn't pass with 100% efficiency. I think the exam was given during each block (not sure).
  2. vlively

    Any Boswell Fall 2010 Block 1 students?

    I talked to ---- and she said the med calc exam is no longer pass or fail. Has anyone heard anything about that?
  3. vlively

    Any Boswell Fall 2010 Block 1 students?

    I completed the fafsa and they needed to verify my info, so I went to the Mesa campus and gave them my documentation. I was told it could take up to 40 business days to complete the verification, then I could apply for loans. My son is on the waiting list for the Boswell daycare center, but it will be over $100 per week for him to attend. In two years, it will cost more to have him in daycare then the actual nursing program will cost. I did speak to a nursing advisor who told me that I may be awarded enough loans to cover the daycare. We'll see.It's kind of stressfull waiting because without the loans I can't attend the school.
  4. I just recieved a letter from the school today with the health letter in it. I found my immunization card and realized I need to get some shots. Scheduled that for next week. I'm excited, yet nervous about what is to come. Does anyone have any idea if you can borrow more from student loans to cover childcare and book costs?
  5. vlively

    Mesa CC/Boswell Nursing Option

    I was placed in the Fall 2010 Boswell program too. I still havent recieved my packet either, but I read somewhere that some schools do not send out the packets until everyone has returned their intent letters. I know the last round was sent out on the 21st of April. We may get something soon.

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