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I quit the hospital to move home and help my papaw out, plus it was getting too stressful and too dangerous (see my other threads about that rant lol), so tomorrow I'm going around and gonna hand out my resume to doctor's offices... Read More

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    Quote from Nightrn16

    I'd ask the nurses around here but I swear there aren't any. Their all MA's. My mom is friends with several doctors and tried to get me an interview, but all 3 doc's said they didn't hire RN's, only MA at their office.
    You have hit the nail on the head. The MA position was created by the medical profession so that doctors could pay their office personnel $10 or $11 an hour. Any other claim is hogwash. My daughter got her first health care job in an office, where she was quoted $10 an hour, then when she took the job, it turned into $9 an hour.
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    I work in a Clinic, and also the hospital. The Clinic pays $10.00 less than what I make at the hospital. I feel the work is just as important because we make the same decisions as I do at the hospital but not as hectic a pace as at the hospital. I also do not get a cost of living raise or a raise of any kind. No benefits.I also work 8-5pm and no weekends. They want me to work more at the Clinic but the pay is so low.

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