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Dear All, I am 9 mo post graduation w/ a BSN (and prior BS in education). I thought I would love L & D nursing and am working at a high-risk, high-volume hospital with a short staff. I LOVE my patients and working with them... Read More

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    Quote from twinpumpkin
    I know this post is old, but I just discovered it. The posts I've read on here make me feel better. At least I know that I am not alone. I have been a R.N. for 2 years (minus 1 month) and have worked in 3 different areas. I started in Trauma ICU (mistake), then got moved to Med/Tele (ok but critical care is not for me). Then I did Med/Surg for 2 months and HATED it! For the last year, I've been doing home health, which I really like. I would like to eventually work in a clinic and enjoy reading the posts from everyone. I just discovered that there is a major hospital/medical school in my area that is hiring for clinic positions and only require 1 year nursing experience.

    What should I say when asked why I've had so many jobs since graduating?

    Thanks for any feedback.
    Where are you living now?

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    tell them you havent found your "niche"...every nurse eventually finds it
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    I worked for a (pediatric) clinic for 2 years and loved it most of the time. I quit to get married and they did not want to work with me. I'm also moving to a different state, but I'm trying to get a job in a clinic again. You cannot beat the hours. Most clinics are M-F 8-5, some have weekend hours.
    I worked in OB for 6 months and Post-surgical ortho/neuro (the catch all floor) for 4 months. I just tell people I wanted a different area of nursing. No one has really questioned it too much. I wouldn't worry about having too many jobs. I think most people understand.
    [My final goal is to teach nursing which I am currently in grad school for]
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