Top 8 Captions - Help select winner in 9th Nursing Caption Contest

  1. 10 Thanks to everyone who participated! We've selected the top 8 and now it's up to you to select the winner!

    Please select the best choice from the poll below...

    The winning caption will be awarded $100!

    All captions can be found at 9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

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    ...drumroll please....

    and the winner is zorro_wrangler ... the cartoon may be viewed at Having effective communication skills is important....

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  2. Poll: Select the best caption for the cartoon above...

    • "And here is our state of the art Empathy Training classroom...."

      12.47% 47
    • "This is the result of denying access to"

      3.98% 15
    • "New graduate nurses are such overachievers."

      4.51% 17
    • "So this is why doctors don't yell at Leslie anymore!"

      18.83% 71
    • "She's training 100 hours per week to become a professional boxer... Nursing was too exhausting."

      22.02% 83
    • "It seems like everyone wants to come in here after we have our unit meetings. Yeah, I'm next in line."

      16.45% 62
    • "I heard rumors that Jane was getting a little punchy lately, but I had no idea this is what they meant."

      3.71% 14
    • "....and we have an excellent on the job training program - Nancy here will be precepting you in EFFECTIVE communcation techniques."

      28.12% 106
    377 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    So hard.....they are all so good!
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    Wow...this gotta be like NLE... or NCLEX... all choices seemed to be right for the scenario. But, of course, there's only one correct answer hehe... so i choose....
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    All of them are truly good!!!
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    wish i would have seen this contest earlier to comment one.. " dirty laundry, iv, pic, idk, bid, qud, prn, dishes, bpans, beepers, texting, lights flashing, brites on, dark n dim, Wow this could go on all nite, who needs work related stress reducers or fitness programs, when you got everything in one room!
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    Me too.....My thought was....

    " We really aren't into physical fitness here but we do try to warm up before the usual Friday ED rush of the full moon"
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    Nice One..
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    good job, this is good, i love them all....
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    Too many good choices! How do I stuff the ballot box?
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    All of them are good.
  14. Visit  RNJHUPHL profile page
    I read this to my husband, he laughed out loud. We chose ONE.
  15. Visit  zorro_wrangler profile page
    When does the polling end?
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    ...drumroll please....

    and the winner is zorro_wrangler ... the cartoon may be viewed at Having effective communication skills is important....


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