July 2017 Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 9

Malpractice protection is such a big issue for nurses. I'm sure you already have caption ideas for this toon so let's start hearing them. Share them and YOU can win $100!!! It's so easy to win.... Read More

  1. by   Laceyk321
    Pre-operative procedures.
  2. by   grandmothero7
    Public Address System Announcement (in a very nasal, high pitched voice) "Security to the OR please, Security to the OR, thank you".....
  3. by   masonicus
    Pro tip for circulators: Don't visibly count the sponges with your fingers.
  4. by   Crystal_Len
    "Our motto is: It's easier and faster to get the money you deserve."
  5. by   Crystal_Len
    "Providing fast customer service at a convenient location near you.
  6. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    Malpractice Attorney: Just a gurney roll away!
  7. by   Renlaid
    Just passed my Nclex .Got 95questions.Thanks UWORLD
  8. by   crossfitandnursing
    "Dad, you really need to stop following me to work."