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  1. I just need some advice - or a hug. One or the other.

    It sounds to me like a combination of reality shock and trying to adapt to night shift. I was a slow one to adapt, as another poster referred to in an earlier post-you may be as well. Having acknowledged that, night shift may not be for you. I worked...
  2. I love my pediatric patients!

    I am a pediatric nurse, one who feels that my specialty is a irresistible one. I work primarily with children who have disabilities and require chronic and complicated care 24/7. So often my friends, family and acquaintances say to me " ...
  3. July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    I'm on retainer for Judge Judy!
  4. Future Pediatric Nurse

    That is a great idea! Many nurses love to teach and /or mentor so buddy up with one or two and get some experience! You will also confirm that you truly want to work in pediatrics.
  5. Not a Near Death Experience: A Shared Death Experience

    What a beautiful account! It only reinforces the knowledge that there is no explaining the human soul. It is comforting to know you were able to help him pass over, and I believe that everyone has an angel that helps them cross over when it is time t...
  6. pediatric HH, please help

    Tami, I was a clinical manager for several pediatric HH agencies for over 16 years. This is my pet peeve: sending out nurses who have no pediatric experience on cases with no training (you did not indicate that they are training you). My former agenc...
  7. Please help, this is complicated.

    My mom passed away unexpectedly 4 years ago. I was sitting in the ICU waiting room for a week-I actually went back to work while she was hospitalized, thinking she was on the upswing only to be called back home . We took her off the vent and she went...
  8. Falsifying documentation

    What mistake was made???????????????? The nurse did not follow physician's orders! The deterioration of the wound has nothing to do with whether a mistake was made. It has everything to do with consequences of the actions and proving injury should th...
  9. Falsifying documentation

    I think many people are missing something important here: the licensure of the home care agency. I worked home care for many years and while it is always POSSIBLE that a patient is self injurious or being non-truthful, why would one assume this is tr...