Android app is here! Android app is here! | allnurses Android app is here!

  1. 9 It's finally here! We just released our Android app!

    You can find it by searching allnurses in the Google Play store or click this web link:

    We hope you enjoy it!
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    could you please explain the reasoning for requiring the following permission? thanks!

    [font=droid sans]take pictures and videos
    [font=droid sans]allows the app to take pictures and videos with the camera. this allows the app at any time to collect images the camera is seeing.
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    you can upload/add images to posts
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    Ok thanks!
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    Why is there no search function!?!?
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    you can swipe the options bar (at the bottom) left/right
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    Joe V, you are THE MAN!!!!
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    I love it! My only problem I've found so far is I can't figure out how to save my favorites... On the subscribed option at the bottom and then clicking on the column forums, it says to browse to a forum then press the android menu and add to favorites. When I go to a forum I want to save, favorites is not an option under the android menu... Help??
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    do you plan to add a search function?
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    Yeahh!! Thanks allnurses! My Internet browser always crashes on my phone so this app is awesome for feeding my AN addiction!
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    Yay! 'Bout time.
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