9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 12

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    "I told her not to use that Sharpie on every patient's medicine baggie"

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    I think she may have misinterpreted what we meant by "blood return" in that IV start class.
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    I wonder if she knows the five rights are about administering medications and not about right hooks?
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    "Miranda, your student nurse is here to apologize for spilling the patients bed pan on your cellphone. So, you will you please stop beating the bag senseless and face her for her apology."

    (Man leans over to student and whispers) "She's just having a bad day, don't feel too bad about it. Oh, and just to be safe, keep an arms length distance."
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    Maybe we should tell her we were joking when we said we hid the coffee in there.
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    This is management's replacement for the CPR dummies they said were too expensive. On a positive note, I think she's got those compressions down now.
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    And those new grads were complaining about nurses EATING their young...
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    ...and this is our breakroom."
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    She must still be in orientation and misunderstood what they meant when they told her to punch out when her shift is over.
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    She must work psych!

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