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zieglarf has 3 years experience as a LVN and specializes in SNF/LTC.

I've done almost everything job wise, but became an LVN at almost 45 years old and I wasn't even the oldest in my class. It's never too late to go for it.

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  1. zieglarf

    Should I get a nice car as a new LPN/LVN?

    Buy a decent car and use the rest to pay off your student loans.
  2. zieglarf

    Discrimination against males in the nursing profession.

    It's not going to be an all or nothing situation. Sometimes men get preferential treatment and sometimes they are discriminated against. To say that either situation is ALWAYS the norm is simply foolishness. I had one instructor that disliked men - or at least males nursing students - and that's been about it for me. I haven't received any preferential treatment - as far as I know.
  3. zieglarf

    Advantages to being a male nurse

    I stink it up as a smelly protest.
  4. zieglarf

    Do you have to count lyrica at your LTC facility?

    We count Lyrica, antibiotics, and Tramadol, but a facility down the street does NOT count Tramadol - so it isn't a state requirement [TX]. I do write the prescribed time in a blank area on a corner - to make it faster to flip through and find what you are giving right now. Those still need to be verified before giving; it just makes it faster to find them initially. I like the idea of writing: r/o with date and initials and will start implementing that when I go back to work tomorrow.
  5. zieglarf

    No BP taken before BP meds??

    Our facility institued parameters (due to recent state inspection) to hold HTN meds if
  6. zieglarf

    New Grad Pay in Texas?

    New LVN in San Antonio getting $19 in LTC - on the job 4 months.
  7. zieglarf

    New name for nurses who are men

    Instead of running away from the term "murse" we need to OWN it. So when you see another murse on the floor just ask - "Wha's up murse?" and keep it going like a beer commercial. If a non-murse uses it then stare hard at them and say coldly - "You aren't allowed to use that word."
  8. zieglarf

    Who hires newly license LPNS???

    What about your classmates? They don't know of any openings?
  9. zieglarf

    Do all LTC's chart the meals on the MAR's?

    I have to chart food and fluid intake but not in the MAR. I don't chart BMs - I check the bellies for distension and listen for active bowel sounds on certain residents and ask the CNAs if there were any BMs; then I give PRNs if needed.
  10. zieglarf

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    "While your answer was correct, but it wasn't THE BEST answer."
  11. zieglarf

    Not sure what to do. Licensed RN working as tech.

    Getting your RN wouldn't mean you automatically get a promotion. You just have a foot in the door over any new-grad applicants from outside. If you really want to be THERE then just wait for your chance - if you really want EXPERIENCE then apply everywhere and go get it.
  12. zieglarf

    Smoking and the Nursing Student

    That's the thing. The stress WILL come sooner or later but DON'T get a smoke - do something else to relieve it. When I quit I bummed a cigarette about 6 months after - for the hell of it - and my chest hurt the rest of the day and I could smell the stink all day too.
  13. zieglarf

    9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    Right patient, right time, right hook?
  14. zieglarf

    9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    Working on her therapeutic touch, I see.
  15. zieglarf

    Smoking and the Nursing Student

    You already know how to quit - you've done it four times. Just don't go back to it when you get stressed. Most ex-smokers (including me) end up eating more and gaining weight. Find something else to do when you stress - walk, dance, meditate - whatever works for you without putting anything in your mouth; cigarette or food.
  16. zieglarf

    Taking NCLEX next week. Anyone use ATI???

    I'm an LVN not RN, but our school used ATI throughout and the VATI at the end also. Everyone that I know who did the work and got the greenlight has passed the NCLEX. Those who didn't wait for the greenlight -- most passed and some didn't. ATI gave me a 92% chance to pass, but no greenlight. Someone told me that we needed a 95 or 96% for the greenlight. I took the test anyway and passed with 85 questions. That's the minimum for LVN. So, I tend to like and recommend the ATI.