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Does anyone know if U. of South Alabama looks at the full package when deciding on entrance into their nursing program or is it simply gpa? At the end of summer when I apply, I will only have a 3.2... Read More

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    I'm from Pensacola as well. I did pre-nursing at UWF and got accepted to USA nursing for this coming up fall semester, however, I had to apply 3 times haha. Third time is a charm. My GPA at UWF wasn't the greatest so that's probably why. I had a 3.34 and UWF only accepts 40 people a YEAR so I didn't get into UWF nursing. But anyway, I never had an interview for the USA nursing admission process. I never even went to the school until Orientation.. haha. Advice: Apply as SOON as you can and pay close attention to the requirements because their prereqs are different than most colleges. Good luck!!

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    I would not recommend anyone to go to USA. They are a money hungry school and really do not care about their students. I graduate in July from there and I am not going back for my MSN!! Some instructors are amazing but overall they just care about your money. I would go to a smaller school where you can get more one on one time with instructors. Good luck.

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