10 Bucks An Hour For Agency Orientation

  1. my agency wants me to "shadow" a nurse in unit for 4 hours at pscyh facility for 10 bucks an hour this sunday ? have u heard of such low/ starvation wage? the owners background is insurance and not nursing...i signed up for other nursing agency bec this sounds fishy to me...any advice greatly appreciated...also its 10 bucks an hour for 8 hour computer class to get in system in acute hospital.... i am new to agency...had not done this work in 7 plus years....her rate is 40/hr no benefits.for per diem....
    13 years ago in one agency.i was at 45/hr...any thoughts please help...
    1. do u get paid full pay for 4 hour orientation at facility? who wants to be paid for 10 bucks an hour to shadow a nurse in facility...them getting 41/hr and me getting only 10 bucks/hr with 20 plus experience...is this another version of saying...sign up here for agency and work for free..????i know i cant live in air....:imbar:imbar:imbar
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    I'm not sure what area you are in, but how much are the staff nurses getting paid in that area?
    Of course agency rate is higher....In our area (LTCs) agency nurses might only make $5-8 more than a staff nurse.
    Benefits are not normal either.
  4. by   kitnaw
    I got paid I think less than 10 bucks an hour for my 3.5 hour orientation. The agency told me a day before I went to this facility that they will only pay me $15 an hour. I was kinda upset with that and told I don't want to accept the assignment anymore. But then I showed up for the 1st day orientation because my agency begged me to show up so I did but then I didn't finished the 1st day and my preceptor just asked me to go home instead if I don't feel like having the orientation and besides her back ache so bad that day and she didn't want to stay for more hours.

    What's your agency? maybe we have the same agency and that's their policy?
  5. by   Jules A
    If it were an actual orientation I'd tell them to stick it for $10 but if you are talking about a shadow experience I've done them for free to see if I liked a facility. Since it is only for 4 hours if you think you'd like the job and if their regular agency wages are acceptable I'd do it. FWIW we see a lot of nurses that are hired and go through the week long orientation with pay only to quit after it is over.
  6. by   changeofpaceRN
    I got paid $10/ hr for each orientation I've gone too and that's been several! Since you are shadowing, I'm assuming there will be no hands on~ more like walking around, introducing yourself and seeing where everything is/how it's done there and answering any questions. I know it's an insult but if you are interested, I have found this to be the going rate for "orientation".
  7. by   Carlitos
    I don't know about $10/hr, but I do know that most agencies offer lower pay for orientations. The main reason for this is that the agency does not bill the facility for your orientation time, so this money comes out of the agency's pocket. They are not trying to short change you. Just remember that you are there to shadow, and you are not to make patient contact. Some facilities require extended orientations for computer classes, mandatory nurse classes (blood administration, point of care, infusion pumps, etc.), and facility orientation (just like their new employees), and the agency does not get paid for this time. Some agencies won't even pay you for the orientation until after you have worked a certain number of "billable" hours for them.

  8. by   psych4u
    I think $10 an hour is the going rate, because that is what it is at each facility I have to orient in. Also, it is not payable until I actually work my first shift at those facilities. It's a lot of free up-front stuff you are giving of your time, gas, etc. but in the long run, once orientation is done, you can start working in these places and have a steady stream of work. Also, the nice thing about it is you will actually have a little bit of a clue about where things are, where to report, and what the patient load is before you get in there. If a place looks nightmarish at orientation, you will be smart enough in advance to say, "no thank you."
  9. by   suzanne4
    $10 is the going rate for most orientations as the agency does not get paid for this time that you are there. It comes down to the fact that if you wish to work at that facility, then you need to do the orientation.

    It is not a big deal at all if you can get the hours that you want.
  10. by   CDH504
    That is the going rate for orientation but my experience has been that you don't get paid that until you work 10 flippin shifts! Needless to say I have not seen that money cause I'm always getting canceled! Great!