VisaScreen vs. CES for Vermont International Nurse NCLEX pass endorsement application - page 12

Can anyone help me? i intend to get licensed in Vermont since the California BRN has already issued a statement that they will no longer extend validities of pass letters effective, if i'm not mistaken, april 10 or 30, 2010... ... Read More

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    You can not endorse because you have no license to endorse. Suggest contact BON/BRN re NCLEX results as letter expired but think you may be ok and not have to resist NCLEX however I can not guarantee this. What happens in most cases when applying to another state you complete application by license, meet requirements and ask CA to forward results

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    hello sir, thanks for the response. I thought, NCLEX PASS LETTERS can be endorsed to other states for me to be granted license, since it is impossible for me to have license in Ca becasue I'm not physically there in USA, thus could not give them any SSN, which is needed for license application.
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    NCLEX letters are not endorsed but forwarded to the next state. Not all states will give a license without a SSN however your application and meeting requirements doesn't expire unlike CA. Also be aware several states like Vermont now require a US SSN before accepting application due to federal requirements
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    As to my case sir, what could you advise me to do? or do you know of a state that i could send y pass letter and apply for license without asking for an SSN?
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    You will have to do your own research and check the state BON websites
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    guys whats my option VT now wont renew license without ssn?
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    @sem_rs i suggest you consult your immigration lawyer for the best possible option. When will your vt license expire?
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    Quote from sem_rs
    guys whats my option VT now wont renew license without ssn?
    Option is to let license go inactive until you have a SSN.
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