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  1. so far, i have many friends who successfully endorsed to vermont, myself included, who did not have a CGFNS certificate... in the TOR provided by our school to the CGFNS credentials verification service, i think it is indicated there that the medium of instruction for the degree is in english... goodluck!
  2. yes you need proof of language proficiency to register with vermont... they just need a certified true copy of your HS diploma (certified by your HS registrar)... they do not need your HS TOR... goodluck!
  3. can-rn-immigrant

    Filipinos who passed the CRNE..howd you do that?

    hi nursemich... i just want to ask what province you applied to in canada and how your assessment went along... were you not required to have an SEC? when did you have your assessment processed and how long it took you to receive your eligibility... sorry for the many inquiries... i am in the process of having myself assessed by the CNO... by the way, i hope you don't mind if i ask, did you have any graduate studies on nursing? thanks very much in advance!
  4. can-rn-immigrant

    Filipino graduate nurses in ontario, Canada

    hello gregorbautista... i'm an rn here in the philippines about to migrate to toronto middle of this year... i've submitted my assessment application last week of nov 2010... have you received your assessment results yet?... how long did it take for CNO to let you know that they received your application?... if it's alright i'd like to learn of your updates so i can tell how my own application is coming along as well... thanks!
  5. can-rn-immigrant

    Need help for SEC ,triple jump assessment.

    hello kimmy... is this SEC the one required when you apply for a canadian registration? if so, what province did you apply to? and how long did it take? and if you don't mind, what does an SEC contain acutally? thanks for your time :)
  6. can-rn-immigrant

    Scheduled to take the SEC Assessment but denied visa

    hi! i have the same question as calamarifries, if you don't mind... how long does it take to be assessed and what is actually required in SECs?... thanks!
  7. if you are talking about your vermont license then no... they have what they call a "renewal period" every two years... the option of renewing is offered only during the renewal period, i believe... i hope this helps...
  8. this means that all NCLEX passers through the state of california who received their pass letters informing them that they must submit their SSN within three years from the date the letter (referred to as 'pass letter') was generated is no longer extended as was the practice prior to april 10, 2010... the BRN of california will issue the USRN license only when the candidate has submitted a valid SSN... due to the retrogression, obtaining a visa is taking longer than usual, that is, longer than the three-year expiration set in the letter... those affected by the retrogression used to write the BRN prior to the expiration of their pass letter to have theirs extended... the BRN then extend it for another year, and another and another... as of april 10 of this year, the BRN of california has issued a statement that they will no longer extend the validity of pass letters, meaning if you do not submit an SSN on or before your pass letter expires, they will deem your application inactive and have your files with them destroyed...
  9. hello chinita... unfortunately, many of us misunderstood the every 2 years renewal thing... apparently it means they only have renewal periods set every two years... so it doesn't matter when you received your license, renewals are made on a two-year cycle by all licensed RNs in vermont and the last renewal period was march 2009... therefore the next one will be on march 2011, then 2013 so on and so forth... it's another 95$ on us i suggest if your pass letter from cali will expire way after march 2011 that you start your endorsement at around feb 2011 to save you some money... but these rules change without notice so it still is your prerogative really :) how long did it take for your friend to receive her license from vermont by mail? i was issued a license last aug 9 and i still haven't got my hard copy... goodluck!
  10. oh sorry, my reply was for Astromikaelo's post which seems to be missing in this thread...
  11. hello, you can process your VSC without an agency... your VSC is something you need if you want to enter the US as a healthcare professional... the cgfns does not require you to have an agent or a sponsor to have your VSC processed... it has a validity of 5 years and is renewable for another 5 years... i suggest you have it done, but it will be expensive... around 500US$... please be reminded that the retrogression seems to be at its worst for nurses these days... visa issuance for approved applications take 5 to 7 years so goodluck!... but just so your nclex and ielts results won't go to waste (i am assuming you have passed an english exam since you need it to have your VSC processed)... the ielts keep TRFs for only 2 years... they destroy your file after... goodluck! i hope this helps...
  12. you can verify the language of your nursing program with your school's registrar... it is, i think, as verified by our school registrar, in english... so i am assuming same goes for the entire philippines... as even our philippine health nursing book is in english... in the form that cgfns asks you to print and submit to your school they ask for the medium of instruction... and i have searched numerous blogs and have confirmed that a cgfns certificate is not necessary to endorse your nclex to VT as many have done so already... goodluck!
  13. hi! just submitted my application to VT... will keep you posted on how long it takes...
  14. can-rn-immigrant

    Endorsement Application to Vermont

    thanks rocketbomber... i guess the VT BRN accepts the candidate report ($10) from CALI BRN that is mailed with the application packet as well since my friend just confirmed to me that this is what she did... requesting the endorsement online would have been so much easier and faster though :) like what you did... it's just more expensive :)) so again, thanks and goodluck!
  15. can-rn-immigrant

    Endorsement Application to Vermont

    hi rocket bomber, have you done this before? because i e-mailed the VT BRN and they said that i should submit my candidate report (the one that costs $10) TOGETHER with my application... and i wrote cali BRN as well and they said i need to request this and the fee is $10 and they will send it to ME... because i initially wanted to request the online verification as well (the one that costs $60) but the application packet of VT specifically instructs that the CANDIDATE REPORT WITH PHOTO must be ATTACHED with the application that will be submitted to VT... so i'm just asking if you have done this? because i we want to get this right... thanks!
  16. can-rn-immigrant

    Endorsement Application to Vermont

    louieb, mail your letter to this address: California BRN PO Box 944210 Sacramento, CA 94244-2100 they will send your requested copy to the address they have on file with your name... the full course is $50 more expensive than the health care report but the full course is generally accepted by other states so if you want to endorse to another state in the future, you just need to request cgfns to send them your CES report (since the full course comes with two copies)... the health care report is specific to VT... meaning when you want to get licensed to another state that requires a CES report, you will have to purchase an entirely different CES report... goodluck!

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