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I'm just starting to look into moving to the states some times next year. I just recently started my research and the entire process seemed a bit overwhelming. I came across O'Grady site and their... Read More

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    Wouldnt my Diploma which was 3 years count and therefor only require 1 year = 3 years of work experience? Or am I reading this H1B visa stuff wrongly? So damn confusing. After I qualified originally I worked for 6 years, break for 10 years, now doing return to practice. Would I need to do another 3 years recent work experience in that case? Sorry for sounding totally dumb here.
    H1b requires degree or 12 years work experience ideally in a speciality. Not sure if they will accept that you have had a break for 10 years
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    Thanks for both inputs, very much appreciated.
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    What visa are they planning on bringing you over to the US with? If immigrant then you are currently looking at 6+ years wait for a visa. H1b is minimum BSN and experienced or exceptional skills.

    OPG can not guarantee where you will end up. Many states are now looking at enforcing US SSN with application, some have already started, so instead of looking at OPG I would be looking at finding a state to register with, meet their requirements and pass NCLEX.

    Also where are you and how long ago did you qualify?
    I have BSN and I just passed NCLEX, 1yr 4months clinical experience, 3yrs 6months research experience. I'm in New York at the moment. Any employment advice for me please?