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  1. goldenkeyz21

    Passed CGFNS, want to work in US

    In regards to the wait.. you said depending on where you was born? ... does it matter where you were born if you finished your high school and went to a nursing school and hold a citizenship in a country like Australia?
  2. goldenkeyz21

    Can I earn a BSN in South Africa and come back to the US and work?

    Hi Silverdragon just a quick question, why are international nurses having issues being approved for CA?
  3. Hi everyone.. I'm wanting some help from an RN who has done their degree here in Australia and is now working in the state. I have done a bit of research already and I'm still uncertain where to step my feet in first. To tell you a bit about me I've finished my 1 new grad programme last year and i'm a certified RN with a yr experiance currently working on the ward I did my new grad on which is Oncology and Gyncology post op acute care. Now I'm ooking into working in the state I know they require the following - Adult health (medical/surgical) nursing - Maternal/Infant nursing (obstetrics), excluding gynecology -Nursing care of children (pediatrics) and -Psychiatric/Mental health nursing, excluding neurology Although I have covered some parts of these areas of nursing in classrooms as well as on clinical placements I don't really have an experiance in maternal/infant nursing as well as pediatrics nursing. I'm worried they won't approve me to sit on exam cause of these lacks. My question is, those of you that were able to sit on the exam CGFNS then NCLEX how/where were you able to find course centre that will provide these classes? Is there any collage out there that provide short courses such as obstetrics, maternal/infant nursing? I have heard that I will have to find my own clinical placements...Also what state is more likely to be easy to get into if applied? Please any sort of info is valuable to me so add in your 2 cent's. Appricaite it. I'm very nervous about this whole thing but this is really my dream and I'm willing to do whatever it takes so please don't discourge.
  4. Hi Smoosh, Frist of Congrat's.. You are one lucky person to go through all that and make it there. I'm just starting out the process. I finished my new grad last year and just trying to get more experiance before I start looking into the process. My question to you is..have you had - Adult health (medical/surgical) nursing - Maternal/Infant nursing (obstetrics), excluding -Nursing care of children (pediatrics) and -Psychiatric/Mental health nursing, excluding neurology in your training if not where did you go to complete these areas of nursing. Do you know if there is any place where they offer the course for Australian Nurses who havent covered obstetrics or pediatrics? I'm just very confused where I need to step my foot in first.. kinda confused in the whole thing. Please help with the info you can.
  5. I'm from Australia, new grad..currently working full-time under a new grad program on post surgical ward. After completing my new grad program I would like to move to the states and work in california. I wanted to start the process soon so that by the time im done with new grad program and hold 1 year experiance im hoping the process will at least be half way completed to move to the states.. here is my main questions if you guys could help me please. 1, Would they want me to complete my new grad before contacting the nursing board and applying for ATT? 2, How many years of experiance do they usually ask for? 3, would they consider post surgical ward being acute? Any advices and informations are welcome.. Im open to hear anyones input on this.. Thank you guys sooo much! appreciate all the help.
  6. I'm just starting to look into moving to the states some times next year. I just recently started my research and the entire process seemed a bit overwhelming. I came across O'Grady site and their services as described on their site seemed really helpful so I was so excited to come across them. BUT I started to research a review on them and most posts I read were very negative and scary!!! however these posts were a bit old (2004, 2007) I'm hoping by now they probably would've cleaned their act. Has anybody gone thru them recently? What are your experiances.. please fill me in..
  7. Just last year I graduated from university with a bachelor of nursing and at the moment I'm working full-time as 1st yr RN and completing my new grad rotation program contract. After finishing this contract and having 1 year experience I would like to travel to America (Los Angeles to be specific) for at least 1 year and work aboard. I know the process of having my registration approved over there and getting the visa issues sorted will take a long time which is why I want to start early. I have read several topics already and I have a bit of understanding but I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me with in directing me the initial steps I need to make and all that is involved. If there is any Aussie nursing who had gone thru this process please share your experiance.
  8. Yes you have and it helped so Thank you!!! :)
  9. thank you so much!!! those are great sources for care plans....i've already started doing my care plan but this is great also as it gives me more references to use! thanks again.. and i'm sorry for giving an impression that i was asking for you guys to do my work. i really wasn't.
  10. No problem... I wasnt really intending to ''hand it out'' on here... I simply just wanted a direction to start ahead.. after all this is here to help each other out right? I know there is google but getting a simple direction from experianced nurses does give me a confidence.. I know I can do this on my own... anyway I wouldn't have joined or asked this if I knew I was gonna get this response. thanks anyway.
  11. Hi guys.. just joined allnurses.. kinda need help here with a paediatrics case study.. I don't have any experience with kids so im finding it hard to do this assignment... the case study is as followed... ''James is a child of seven years. For a number of years he has been having problems with bowel movements, and it is eventually discovered that he has a unilateral inguinal hernia. He is due to have planned surgery. He is one of two children. His mother works, and his father has not been on the scene since he was a baby''.. the teacher gave us the following marking criteria to guide us with the assignment Analysis, application and discussion * Clinical signs and symptoms and pathophysiology of the condition * Nursing diagnoses (actual and risk) and collaborative problems * Diagnosis prioritisation * Evidence based nursing interventions and treatment strategies * Family centred care/family nursing the trouble im having is identifying nursing diagnosis pre-ope and post-ope, esp since I found it hard to find much info on hernia.. can any one help with pre-ope and post-open nursing diagnosis and interventions based on the case study?? it would mean A LOT to me! Thanks guys..

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