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  1. I'm from the Philippiens. I passed the California-NCLEX. Since I'm having problems acquaring a valid SSN, I'm planning to endorse my California-NCLEX to State of Vermont just so that I could get a permanent license in US. Supposed I already got RN license in Vermont and already working there as a nurse, is it still possible for me to reaaply my NCLEX in California (without having to retake the test) eventhough it has long been expired? My relatives are in California and I want to be as closed to them as possible. I will apprecaite any form of response.
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  3. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    It's smart that you want to have your NCLEX results forwarded to Vermont. Vermont doesn't require a ssn in order to obtain a license, however, you do need a ssn in order to work. If you don't have the ssn then you can't work. Once you get your ssn, then you can endorse your Vermont license back to CA and may need to have your education re-evaluated depending if CA had already destroyed your file due to inactivity. That I'm unsure about you may want to contact CA regarding that. Good Luck
  4. by   ghillbert
    Your questions don't make sense. If you get a VT license and are working there as a nurse, you do not then need to apply for NCLEX again to California. NCLEX result is for life. Presumably if you're in VT working as an RN you will have a SSN. So then if you want to go to CA after that, you just apply for Licensure by Endorsement to CA, but you do not apply again for NCLEX.
  5. by   Prilly82
    I was looking the Endorsement App, and it does require SSN..... Also you would need to have a license in other state in order to do an endorsement, right?
  6. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Yes, in order for you to endorse your license you need a license. If you want your results forarded then you must request to have them forwarded to a state that doesn't require a ssn if that's your issue. Directions should be on the specific state boards website. Any question I would contact them. Good Luck
  7. by   louieb
    hi guys i posted sommething that i have read!!! are you aware of this??

    update on ca nclex endorsement to vt prior to expiration

    in this climate of immigration retrogression, it was recommended that california nclex nurses endorse to vermont prior to the expiration of the 3-year window of opportunity to provide ssa numbers to the ca state board of nursing. the vt state board reports that it has experienced an increase in endorsement requests as a result of this issue, leading them to review their policy and make some procedural changes, as follows:

    vt requires the official nclex exam results. for example if you took the exam through ca; you will need to contact the california board of nursing and request a “certified copy of test results with photo” to be sent to the state of vermont board of nursing. california’s fee for this is $10.00. (if you’ve already completed this step please proceed to step 2)
    vt will need to have the verification of education form completed by your school and your official transcripts sent to them. you can print the verification of education form from their website www.vtprofessionals.org on pages 5 and 6 of the international nurse application.
    vt requires the license verification form completed for your original nursing license and your most current nursing license. you can print this form from their website www.vtprofessionals.org on page 7 of the international nurse application.
    note: for nurses in the united kingdom: vt can verify the license online. you need to fill out the verification form by putting in the caller code and pin number so that they can access your information from the nmc website.

    once vt receives this information, they will then be able to process your application for licensure through the state of vermont.

    as mentioned previously, please be aware when you start the re-endorsement process, that the ca board of nursing will have considered your application abandoned and your file will no longer be active. thus, it will be necessary for you to submit all educational credentials a second time to ca. while it will be inconvenient to do so, it will protect you from having to re-take the nclex-rn exam.

    [color=#3b5998]vermont secretary of state - office of professional regulation

    1. now my question is, does this mean they're requiring ca nclex nurses to endorse their papers to vermont?? because if they require it, im gonna endorse it to vermont and just to protect my nclex from expiring.., because until now i still dont have employer in california for me to be able to get the license. so is it a smart idea if i endorse it to vermont?

    2. if ever im now a license holder at vermont,, can i endorse it to any state that i want? like for example if the time comes that i'll be able to find an employer to that specific state.

    3. if the processing of the application to vermont is done,, and confirmed that im already a license holder at vermont.. are they gonna issue or send me a license card???

    thanks guys
  8. by   Ace587RN
    You dont have to reapply for NCLEX in California. You can just endorse your Vermont License and since you would be working there, you would have a valid SSN. Check the California BON for application of license by endorsement

    Now if you would try to endorse your "license" to Vermont. You wont have an actual license given by the California BON since you lack a SSN. Therefore your'e an NCLEX passer, but dont possess an actual RN license from CA
  9. by   louieb
    Thank you for the reply,, but

    no, i mean if my files are already at the vermont,, are they gonna give me the license??.. of course california wont give me the license because i already endorsed it to vermont,, by that time california will consider my application abondoned and not active anymore.
  10. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    If you meet all of Vermonts requirements and you had CA forward the NCLEX results to Vermont and everything is approved then the license will be issued. If you don't have a valid ssn then the license is useless until you have one. You will NOT be able to work even if you have your license because you still have to provide a valid ssn to the employer and they want to see a hard copy of your number, not a copy of it.
  11. by   ghillbert
    1. You're not "endorsing" to Vermont because you don't have a license to endorse. You're applying for licensure by examination in VT and transferring the NCLEX result.
    2. VT do issue a license without SSN.
    3. You can endorse that license to other states in the future, but you still have to complete their requirements. Eg. CA says you will have to fill out their paperwork and evaluations again if you reapply in the future.
  12. by   Nurse!Nurse!Hello?
    Poor Vermont!
    Everyone wants a Vermont license, but nobody seems to actually want to work there.
    Sooner or later the Vermont BON is going to figure out that they are spending a lot of time and resources for nothing...
  13. by   Ace587RN
    Quote from Nurse!Nurse!Hello?
    Poor Vermont!
    Everyone wants a Vermont license, but nobody seems to actually want to work there.
    Sooner or later the Vermont BON is going to figure out that they are spending a lot of time and resources for nothing...
    interesting because the applicants haven't even been there. It's a beautiful state IMO. Its not as famous as "New York" and "California". I wont be surprised if the Vermont BON have started planning to change their requirements. Afterall, you do need an SSN to work eventually. It saves the international applicant in the end from spending $$ on a license that they cant even use
  14. by   louieb
    Thank you for the reply!!

    thats ok for me because for now i still cannot work for im still here in the philippines and dont have employer to get me out of here , the only reason why im gonna transfer it to vrmont is just to prevent it from expiring,, i dont wanna take another NCLEX exam it's traumatic and it's sooo expensive..

    wow really, are they gonna send me the real license card if i met the requirements!! thats a lot for me!! i have more questions:::

    1.is it a good idea if i transfer it to vermont now?,, since it will expire november 2011.. or should i wait few months more before i start transferreing it? ohh the question is how long is the processing before it's being done?

    2. why do some employers dont require my fellow nurses here in PI to to take the IELTS exam though they're not US citizen? i heard 2 of my friends are not gonna take IELTS coz their employer insist not to.. im hesitating to take the exam now..

    3. i do know, that before they process the Visa screen certificate the two important requirements are NCLEX result and the IELTS score.. how do they process the VSC if they lack the IELTS score?