California Board of Registered Nursing now requires local NLE

  1. What states in the US (at present) do not require a local license as part of the NCLEX application (before one can sit for the NCLEX exam)?

    Your reply would be very much appreciated. God bless you!

    *Any updates on whether or not California now requires a local license this 2008? How true is this?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Where do you want to live in the US? If you go to a BON that does not require local boards but actually want to work in a state that does require it you may have problems as you still need to meet their requirements of foreign trained even if endorsing.

    You are looking at a few years due to retrogression and will benefit from doing local boards and gaining experience or looking at another country.
  4. by   arla
    oh i see. now i understand. thanks. anyway, with regards to california needing a local license this 2008, how true is this?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    There was talk last year of Ca requiring local license and unless it is on their website it may not be actioned yet. Best to ask them as things can change
  6. by   suzanne4
    Again, just because a state does not require the local license to be able to write the NCLEX exam, it does not mean that the US government is not going to require it again.

    Add into it the fact that you are looking at three to five years plus for a chance at a green card, where do you plan to work and get experience during that time? And there is no guarantee that you will ever get a green card due to the number of applicants that are applying.

    And be aware that passing of the NCLEX exam for CA does not make you a US RN as they do not issue a license until you are actually in the US and ready to begin work. Your file gets destroyed in three years once you pass the exam, and then you will need to start all over again.

    Suggest some reading first here before you do a thing.
  7. by   kanebo
    Am helping my friend make a letter to CA explaining to them that he has no intention of working in his country of education/origin that is why he did not take the local board. But somebody told me that this can no longer be done because CA is now requiring a local license. How true?
  8. by   suzanne4
    This has been addressed in several threads here lately, please take the time to do some reading.

    And my question to you is that if there is a five year wait for a chance at a green card for the US, where in the world are they going to get any experience since every single other country requires the local license and actually more and more states are now requiring it as well.

    No experience over five years, and they are going to find it very difficult to get thru US immigration. We are expecting them to start to require local licenses once again as they were needed when all were required to write the CGFNS exam.

    With more and more wishing to work in the US and the number of visas not increasing, the nurse is going to have to market themselves as well when they have their interview, if they ever get that far, and those without experience are going to find it difficult.
  9. by   elkpark
    I hope that more US states are going to return to requiring this -- personally, I can't imagine why a US state would consider licensing someone who doesn't hold a valid, active license to practice in her/his own country (whatever country that may be).
  10. by   urnurse072b
    Hi! Is it true that Ohio no longer requires CES? I did not take the NLE, can I apply for nclex there? How long is processing time?

    Also, I have applied to CA-BRN and they keep asking for a Philippine license. I faxed 2 explanations but to no avail. My application has a filing date of Dec 2007. Will my existing application with CA-BRN affect my future applications with other state?

    Please help me. i waited for 6 months just to know that CA_BRN will not let issue me ATT because I have no local license.

    I would really appreciate advice from anybody. I'm late for June 2008. I am pregnant and due in December so that is out for me also. I just wanna be licensed in the uS.

    Many thanks to all!
  11. by   redranger
    I called the California BON last week and they were very friendly.

    You do not need local license for California BON.
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    Moved to the International forum as per the red banner. Thank you for your understanding but we ask that any immigration information be asked in the International forum.

    You need to check BON for their requirements for foreign trained nurse and I see that they do require CES. Check link out as it gives requirements for foreign trained
  13. by   andrea1930
    hi..i just received a letter from the california bon nd its says...

    Dear MS.

    An initial evaluation of your application for examination indicates the following items (marked with x) are required to complete your file or indicates information pertaining to your file:

    X A copy of your nursing license from your country where you completed your initial nursing education with English translation, if applicable

    if we do not receive the item(s) listed within one year from the date of this letter, your application will be considered abandoned and your file will be destroyed.

    when i submitted my application i have sent them a letter explaining why i dont hav a license in the philippines..that i took the boards junew 2006, did a retake on june 2007 and hav passed but i just wasnt able to register since i had to leave the country...i even enclosed a copy of the letter from the prc that i passed the board and the dole certification that i passed the retake..

    what does this letter mean? i thought they dont require applicants to have licenses as long as there's a letter of explanation? nd it says IF APPLICABLE ryt? iv asked my friends hu applied at the ca bon nd who also have no phil license..but they werent given a letter like mine?!

    does this mean they wont process my application unless i give them a copy of my license?

  14. by   racing-mom4
    andrea I dont know if we will be able to help you answer these questions on this board. I think you need to find someone in your area that is an immigration specialist...I am sure your not the 1st person who has encountered this problem...
    Best of luck to you.

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