Same Undergraduate & Graduate College?

  1. How many people with BSNs attended the same college for their advanced nursing degree (esp. interested in the CNM, NPs & CRNAs)?
    If so, please list your graduate program.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I did a BSN and MSN (management and leadership) at University of Phoenix

    Then I did two post-MSN certificates at my local hospital-affiliated college of nursing
  4. by   Riburn3
    Although I went to two separate schools for my BSN (NMSU) and MSN (UTEP), I don't think it really matters much if you attended the same place for both, unless the school in question has a horrible reputation in your area to begin with. I'm yet to encounter anyone in the medical field that gives a crap about the prestige of the school you went to outside of some of the for profit schools. When you consider that lots of physician's were trained at schools in foreign countries that 99.9% of us have never heard of, it's probably why school prestige matters little to those of us that practice directly in the field.

    I'm finishing up my post masters AGACNP at UTEP, and plan to go there for my DNP next year. Unless you plan on working in the upper echelons of academia and research, I don't really think it matters if you end up going to the same school.
  5. by   CoolLikeThat
    I do not think it makes a difference either way as long as you of to a decent school and not a pay-for-degree online program. I moved around a lot and ever program I completed was with a different university in a different state. It was brought up in interviews just as a talking point.
  6. by   It's like a Vit C
    I worked with my associates degree for a few years before going back for my BS. The program I attended (NYU) offered a BS-MS dual degree where some master level classes could be taken as electives towards finishing the BS. Since I was already enrolled there and had some masters level classes already, I just continued straight through at the same school. I did this instead of going through the hassle of applying somewhere else. So I have my BS and my MS from the same school mostly out of convenience; however, it was also a good program.