Have you ever met someone who regretted getting their NP?

  1. Just wondering about this. I'm a second-career floor and ER nurse with only a couple years of experience. The NPs I encounter *seem* fairly content with their choice to advance on to NP, but then again I hear some of the same complaining about patient population, pain in the butt rules and regs that come from the floor nurses. Is the grass really greener as an NP? I know I would have to put in so much time, work and money toward getting the degree. I'm contemplating --- would it be worth it for a 40 yr old to attempt?

    My other option involves getting out of healthcare all together.
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  3. by   WKShadowRN
    I'll be 40 this year. Just graduated and have set the date for my certification. I am very content.
  4. by   Aromatic
    Yeah shoulda i shoulda done med school instead and earlier
  5. by   llg
    I wouldn't say I have heard people say that they regret being an NP ... but I have known many who got the NP degress, but who don't work as NP's who say they wish they had gotten them MSN's in something else. These are people who got NP degrees but who couldn't find good NP jobs. So they got jobs in other fields (such as Nursing Education, Nursing Professional Development, Hospital Pain Specialist, etc.) and had to let their NP certifications expire because they weren't being used in their jobs. They regret they didn't get an MSN more closely aligned with their actual career path.
  6. by   SummitRN
    I know some who were disappointed to find that they make the same or less as an NP than they did on the floor while having more responsibility.
  7. by   Malenurse1235954
    Quote from SummitRN
    I know some who were disappointed to find that they make the same or less as an NP than they did on the floor while having more responsibility.
    I wish NPs wouldnt accept jobs at such low pay, lowers the standard for the rest of us
  8. by   SummitRN
    Quote from NurseShawn1234
    I wish NPs wouldnt accept jobs at such low pay, lowers the standard for the rest of us
    Some of these were very highly paid experienced RNs working nights and weekends and making 100K+ without any OT or call in a market where new RNs make less than half of that. So they were looking at 25%+ pay cuts as a new NP. Others were looking at basically-the-same pay.

    But there are so many online schools and everyone is going back to school so the market is flush. Supply and demand like that means lower pay.
  9. by   meanmaryjean
    I know a half dozen or more NPs who are either working as bedside staff or faculty because they disliked the NP role once they finished their programs.
  10. by   MikeFNPC
    Not a single one! I do agree with others who have mentioned not accepting a lower paying position. I'm 2 years out and make 50% more than I did as an RN and work 50% less.
  11. by   BostonFNP
    Yes, always shadow before investing in NP.

    That at beign said, I see far fewer dissatisfied NPs than I do dissatisfied RNs giving advice about NPs without being one.
  12. by   Mhsrnbsn
    I have had an NP tell me that made more on the floor when they picked up one extra shift a week. I have also had an NP one with a masters and the other with their doctorate agree that they make very close to the same and the doctorate doesn't pay enough more to be "worth it". I only have 4 years as an RN so when I finish my FNP I'll have 6 years, I may not find that I make less as an NP as a lot of nurses go for NP later in their career and im going for it earlier on than a lot of people. Every job title has its BS but I think what I will find rewarding for me anyhow is that I can feel like I make a bigger impact on my patients instead of being at the bedside bound by orders I was given by someone that isn't seeing the picture I am seeing.
  13. by   adventure_rn
    I think it depends on your specialty as well.

    I'm in a Neonatal ICU, and I work with some disgruntled Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NNPs)--there's only one Neonatology practice in the region, and if you don't like their salary/regulations/call/whatever, you're fresh out of luck. They're the only gig in town, no Peds offices would hire someone who can only see infants, and NNPs can't really go into practice for themselves.

    Meanwhile, if you have a more general degree (i.e. FNP), you have a ton of options, so it's more likely that you can shop around and find a job that's more suitable to your interests/schedule/salary requirements.
  14. by   gmjohnson6
    Hi there Cola89,
    Im back in school for FNP. Im just curious why your only alternative to NP is to get out of healthcare entirely? Have you thought about other specialties besides the floor/ER?

    I work as a floor nurse now, and when Im done with school I will have been on the floor for 7years. I cant wait for the change. Ive also thought about just changing where Im working, instead of going back to school. I just don't think that would satisfy me. Im nervous about the new role, but excited. All the NPs in my area (that I know personally) love being a NP exponentially more than floor nursing.