Discouraged NP Student

  1. I am a current NP student and I recently stumbled across an MD forum where it seems like all those people did was bash NP's. Is it really like this in the real world? I was excited about becoming an NP. Now, however, I feel I have made the wrong choice and should have gone the PA route.
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  3. by   ckh23
    If you keep reading the forum you will find they bash PA's too. In fact the only people they don't bash are each other for the most part. You will find that most of the members there are med students and lower level residents that think they know it all.
  4. by   CCRNDiva
    Don't pay it any mind. I received so much encouragement from the docs I worked with when applying to NP programs. Several offered to write letters of recommendation for me, while others offered to train me. Maybe they were all lying to my face while deriding me behind my back, but I seriously doubt it. As the above poster mentioned, most of these forums are populated by med students and residents who have not yet learned the value of a good nurse. As a matter of fact, I've experienced the most arrogant attitudes when working with residents since working at an academic facility. I was not prepared for that, as the overwhelming majority of the attendings and board certified docs I've had the pleasure to work with valued my contribution and input.

    I try to avoid those forums at all cost. You should do the same
  5. by   mjjohns24
    Thank you so much for your posts. I know I definitely have to avoid those sites from now on. They made me feel so disheartened yesterday.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Yeah there's a reason its called the "student" docs forum. Ignore them. Believe me, when you work with real life doctors, its a mutual respect and collaboration environment for the most part.
  7. by   Multicollinearity
    Some medical students and residents have ego issues common with the culture of medical model education - especially those who troll a certain forum for student doctors. These ego issues fade when they enter the real world of practice, for the most part. Give them none of your attention.
  8. by   myelin
    Sounds like you're talking about SDN. Do not let it get you down. That forum is nothing like reality. It's mostly med students and baby docs (interns, residents) freaking out about NPs (and often times, PAs as well). In real life, everyone has been great. I couldn't be more thrilled to be on this path. Good luck.
  9. by   traumaRUs
    Totally agree with above posters who are experienced APNs - this is just a non-issue. Sure, there are always going to be doctors that express disdain for nurses but usually they are the older ones who have way more issues than just collaborating with APNs. lol
  10. by   mmm333
    Well, I think MDs do bash each other, just in less obvious ways. and not anywhere where they think they might get caught. With higher earnings come higher potential for damages as a result of a slander or libel suit arising from harm to their reputations.
  11. by   mmm333
    @Trauma RUs. Definitely lots of stressed-out med students on that website.
    You'll find a different attitude amongst seasoned docs that benefit from working with APNs.
  12. by   JerseyBSN
    They are worried that you, as a caring, compassionate, and very capable healthcare professional, will steal their business. They are students with ego's so big I doubt they'll fit through any doors until they get knocked down a few sizes.

    P.S. They hate ASN, BSN and anyone connect to the word "nurse"

  13. by   CRNA, DNSc
    If you think they bash NPs you should see the CRNA bashing!