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First of all I agree wth previous posts, NEVER call them diapers. I dont like the word briefs so I generally use underwear or pad.

My question is that I had a paitent who was a 20 year old female who was a major trauma patient due to a car accident. She is currently incontinent as her injuries make it very difficult for her to use the bathroom. However she is mortified at the fact she was put in incontinence underwear. From experience how do you tell them that it is nothing to be ashamed of and that we (staff) do not judge or make fun of them in any way what so ever?

She may benefit from a bowel managment program, as it would allow for scheduled emptying and prevent the following problems; constipation, incontinence, social embaressment and skin breakdown. Ask the doctor if they think a bowel routine is approipriate for her situation. For more information on establishing a bowel managment routine see link

In regards to the difficulty assisting onto the toilet, can she be transferred onto a commode using a mechanical lift?

She may also benefit from a bladder managment routine such as scheduled voiding or intermittent catheterization, as it may prevent problems such as; skin breakdown, bladder stones, hydronephrosis, renal failure. However before establishing a bladder managment routine, the doctor needs to determine which type of incontience the patient has first. She may have functional, overflow or over active incontinence and each of these types of incontinence require a different treatment plan. Ask the doctor if she has been assessed by urology, if the type of incontience is established an approipriate treatment plan can be made. If the type of incontience has not been determined maybe she can be referred urology.


It's a good idea. But, it's hard to do.

We did a bowel management program with one of my previous students (residential school) and it didn't work. She was kept in underwear during the day and we put her on the toilet every hr(had to stay with her, pica and seizures). She would not void on the toilet, she would right after we got her off and back to her chair. When she was your assignment you wouldn't have any other residents. But, imagine doing that every hr or every 2 hrs when you have at min 4-8 residents to also take care of. You have to consider the time added for change of clothes and bedding.

I guess I must be missing something here.

What is the alternative to the briefs, a wet bed?

Does she prefer wetting the bed to wearing a brief?

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If it were me in that situation I would rather just be undressed from the waist down and lie on chucks or other incontinence pads. Or if possible, incontinence pads that are more like feminine hygiene pads.

its all about how you as a nurse respond! its about understanding, compassion, and kindness! when i was delivering my 2nd child i was mortified when i actually deficated. I cried and kept saying i'm so sorry! but i will never forget the nurse who kept saying "honey, its ok. this isn't your fault. Its part of the process and we are use to it! and it just means your about to hold that baby girl!" yes, i was still embarrassed but she was wonderful and made me feel so much better..


The nurse program that I had in mind for the fall was Gwyeend Mercy University for the BSN program. Since I will be completing my associate's degree at Community College of Philadelphia do anyone know if it will really take me 3 years to complete with Mercy BSN program. Also what prerequisites courses I should look into before I transfer over that way it can save me much money and time.

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