You know the family is nuts when...


Your charting reflects more of the antics of the family then the patient.

As the family is going balistic, you sit there smiling to yourself knowing that you are going to chart this.


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You get a better result if you suggest to those younger relatives, could you end up like this

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You know the family is nuts when you have to explain that you can't move more recliners into the room because if nobody can walk in there, it's a fire hazard.

You know the family is nuts when the patient's sister sleeps ON TOP OF the patient. IN the bed. ON TOP of the patient who keeps complaining that she can't breathe.

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You know the family is nuts when daddy is more PO'd that the police officer woke him up at 3 AM than he is worried that his intoxicated 16 yo daughter was picked up for screaming in the front yard of her married lover's house and creating a disturbance. Wouldn't come get her either, she ended up in Juvie.


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You know the family is nuts when...they open their mouths!!:lol2: :lol2: :lol2:


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When they ask for a coke in the middle of coding their loved one


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since the doctor is seeing mom/dad/whomever, get them to write a prescription for whatever for another family member.

what the heck....2 for the price of one!


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When 12 people are visiting "mom" (yes 12 all in one room), laughing, yelling, carrying on, yet cannot figure out why Mom's BP is sky high "and she's so tired." Duh, people, duh.


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when you actually have daughter, mother and father in psych unit within a one month time frame, but not all at the same time......with issues ranging from bipolar disorder to depression to schizophrenia to substance abuse......and they request the same meds as other family members "in case I run out"- this really happened during my psych clinicals :confused::confused:

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