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We did that one too, and our results must have been pretty bad....they never revealed the results to us LOL

When I first read this thread, my first guess was that this is a Tenet hospital, lol. The last year I worked for this particular hospital, there was an employee satisfaction survey which was so important to all the managers that they actually let nurses off the floor to go take it.

I answered mine honestly, and it apparently skewed the results, and in spite of it being anonymous, I felt the eyeballs of the manager burning into my brain. A raise was given across the board very shortly after the survey, and the survey was given credit for the raise, but the working conditions never improved, and have apparently gotten worse in the last year since I have been gone.


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There was an "employee satisfaction" survey where I worked once. When they got the answers back, they had a big inservice and lectured us about having bad attitudes! LOL! There ain't no problems here, just bad attitudes! :)


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WE do these silly Gallup polls...if you do not get around to doing them online, they call you at dinner, when you are bathing the kids, or some other stupid time. They are not mandatory, but we get lovely gifts like free lattes (at a stand that is never open when I work).....for a high percentage of participation. Woowee. I see no changes come about from these things, anyhow. My perceptions are always provided honestly........for what THAT is worth.


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We do a survey every year, but not Gallup. I do agree with Gomer....being coached is unethical and I am sure the Gallup people won't be happy.


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The suits in NJ tell you the same thing. Must have learned it in how to ba an administrator school. The same place they learn how to answer your questions by either blaming us for the problems or by asking another question. They said the same exact thing to us. "You didn't understand the question." Can you insult us a little more please???? As stated above they know what the problems are in large part because they created them and completely blow off fixing their own mess. And people wonder why there is a shortage of nurses willing to work in hospitals!


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You might remind the "suits" that if they don't want an answer; they shouldn't ask the question.


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Nope,this is not Tenet although they sound like an ugly stepsister to my employer.I can still hear my unit manager saying that the feedback meetings are"a wonderful way for me to grow as your leader". What a crock. saddest thing is that unless she is a great actress and is able to lie with conviction,she actually believes this

crap. And im'n not going to tell my hospitals name, but its initials are HCA.(little sick nurses humor there,thanks for the indulgence)


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I do think the one I did was anonymous. All it asked for was what your position (RN, LPN, Dietary, Housekeeping, etc.) and how many years you had been employed. That's it. They weren't mandatory but were strongly encouraged and we were to go during work hours . . . which, personally, I did not see as a benefit; all that meant was that I would be 30 minutes behind in my real work! I really wish they would have mailed us the survey or put it in our unit mailboxes and let us take it home. Why the did it HAVE to be done on premises?

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was it gallop, or was it Pres-Ganey

what gives......

a pushbutton answer.....only if it is right.........

oh well,

I had a great night tonight at work.....

and off for the weekend.........except for 4+ hours


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Pres-Ganey... gag me with a spoon.


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Pres Ganey...our hospital sends these Press Ganey "Patient Satisfaction Surveys" to each patient when they go home. They want to give Excellent Customer Service! So if a wastebasket needs emptying, by golly, you nurses just empty it, don't wait for Housekeeping! What? Somebody was bleeding so you didn't get ice cream for Mr Jones? Bad Nurse!

My thoughts are that there isn't any shortage of "Customers"! We're bursting at the seams! Which is of course why I can't get a lunch break and a 12 hour shift turns into 15 hours. And I should worry about bringing more patients to the hospital?

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