66 yo RN with disability pushed out of job wpould like to know options

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I am a 66 to nurse that has a lot of experience in critical care areas. My last few years have been in psych. I had no problems performing my duties as a nurse but was often out into the position of being a tech for the 12 hours but this involves a lot of running around a large campus with little opportunity to rest. It would normally have been a nice break from the duties of med admin, dc, admits, etc. But I have ra as well as a pinched nerve in my back which can cause a lot of pain. I also have days of increased sob from last year heart attack. I along with a few others were put on tech duty more often than others. (some never. )

Even when a tech available. I had to resign as they would not allow me to change to prn or part time. I have sold my home and moved closer to family in east Texas. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a position that didn't require long periods of walking or standing. Not ready to quit yet.

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Pediatric home health/PDN

Small patents, make your own schedule. Pay might not be the greatest but you can pick and choose your cases and shift with full autonomy. Psych background will be excellent to dealing with families.

Find a job at a home health agency doing extended care. A night shift respite job will provide an environment where you can spend a great deal of time sitting. Some parents of peds patients will tell you they only want you to tend to diaper changes at the beginning and end of the shift. As long as the patient is stable, there is little else to do, (usually routine meds or treatments have already been given), but to observe the patient.

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Peds private duty or hospice.

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Try case management or Utilization review. Look at insurance companies. Also MDS in LTC.

With your experience, you have a wealth of options!! Google Donna Cardillo. She's an RN career expert... you can learn a lot about some non-traditional, but realistic opportunities. Just to get you started, there's dialysis, case management, clinic nursing, work from home is a real thing with a lot of insurance companies - there are even subspecialites within that like, worker's comp, diabetes, cardiac, etc. insurance companies need people with specific specialties just like hospitals do. There are also a lot of in hospital non-clinical jobs as well - or at least less physically demanding positions like Educators, Diabetes specialists... you have a TON of options. You don't have to dig too far to find them either, you just have to take off your "nurses work the floor blinders" (we all have them at one point or another, not a criticism). Good luck to you! Really look up Donna Cardillo, she has lots of tips!

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