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  1. I am a 66 to nurse that has a lot of experience in critical care areas. My last few years have been in psych. I had no problems performing my duties as a nurse but was often out into the position of being a tech for the 12 hours but this involves a lot of running around a large campus with little opportunity to rest. It would normally have been a nice break from the duties of med admin, dc, admits, etc. But I have ra as well as a pinched nerve in my back which can cause a lot of pain. I also have days of increased sob from last year heart attack. I along with a few others were put on tech duty more often than others. (some never. ) Even when a tech available. I had to resign as they would not allow me to change to prn or part time. I have sold my home and moved closer to family in east Texas. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a position that didn't require long periods of walking or standing. Not ready to quit yet.
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    Conscious Sedation Certification

    If you google moderate sedation certification, there are two companies that provide the course and testing. Both offer online courses and testing and one of them you can do the course at home and take the test online. One is www.sedationcertification.com. Hope that helps.:)