Yikes ! All this on one exam ?

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Exam one will be on: Health care delivery systems, decision making models and types, nursing care delivery systems, supervision duties, assertiveness, neuromuscular disorders elimination, ADL's, mobility, sexuality, A/P of heart, conduction, EKG's, interpation of rhythms, Arrthythmias, Angina, MI, Cardiogenic Shock, Heart Failure, Valuvar disorders, Rhematic disorders, Rhematiod Arthritis, Systemic lupus, Osteoarthritis, Gout, HIV/Aids, Thyroid disorders ( Goiter, Hyper/Hypo thyroidism, Hyper/Hypo Parathyroidism, addisons, cushings, diabetes insipidus, SIADH), and pituary disorders. Ofcourse we have to know the pathophys, meds, nursing interventions, diagnostics, treatments, patient teaching, clinical manisfestatins, and etilogy for all of them. Thats about 30 chapters ! :eek:Whew ! I better get off AN and start studying again. Wish me luck on my first exam for my last class. 6 more weeks to go ! :yeah::loveya:


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Good luck!!! you will do great!

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Thanks ! Can't wait until this first exam is over with.... then I may be able to see that little glimmer of light.


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which class is this and is this test a mid term? How many chapters and how are you expected to know all of this?

Good Luck

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I sure hope that they are just "lightly" touching those many subjects!!!!

dang that sounds like a lot....

i have a medsurge test tomorrow, and i am so tired from my clinicals last night!!! i was at the nicu until mid night! and have been working since 8 am


I got all the cardiac, involving a tone of things... then hematology... last but not least respiratory!!! all summed up in 1!

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I'm taking the last course for my LPN and its basically the second years squished into one. Its very intense.


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hmmm...this is a lot. I have exam every week for ten weeks and I like this set up. I hate it when on ehas only three major exams for the whole term...it sucks! I love my school.

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I wish we had exams every week to be honest. I just want to get it over with !


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Good luck!!! You will be fine as long as you keep fighting....


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WOW...I start this august and your post has successfuly terrified me!!!! But I know you can do it! Study hard...and let us know how it went

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