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12 years a Slave (called nursing)

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LeMa88 has 12 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Ortho, Med/Surg, ED, CCU- Agency.

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I don't know how to start with this post, before I begin I'd like to have a full disclosure

I am a stubborn person, ambitious, inquisitive and I don't settle for not knowing. At work, I don't get into the politics of it all because my goal is to learn everything there is to learn, not to aim for the highest position there is out there. I am generally a happy easy going workmate, more than happy to help out.

Been doing this for 12years +, from acute, subacute, community, did bit of aged care, went into critical care and I have recently started in ICU. In my mind, its a hard area hence why I want to conquer it. I want to learn and thrive..~~

Lately, I have anxiety ++ going to work, I have nightmares that I fall asleep at work and patients die. I am tiptoeing and second guessing myself with every clinical decision no matter how solid. The people I work with, 15% are nice, kind and humble. The rest are egoistic, harsh, love to criticise and love to see fresh face crash and burn. I enjoy the learning aspect but I don't enjoy being made to feel this way.

I have 2 little kids at home and this is taking a toll on family life. I am so stressed, so burned out that I don't enjoy thing else anymore. May I add, its a bad habit but I smoke( going from 1cig once a blue moon to a pack every 2 weeks), I drink more

Is this the point that someone would consider a change of career or do I need to grow a pair and adapt to this crude workplace culture. I have heard of people sharing their stories and they all begin with "it was a bold choice" and ends with "I have not looked back and I have never been happier"..I envy those, how do I get there? I want to achieve the level of happiness and contentment at work. I don't go to work to be anxious and stressed !

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